10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Iron Man became one of the most significant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a hero who fought to the end as the Avenger. Compared to most of his other colleagues, he is just a human who has managed to win battles using his intelligence.

But there is a certain trait in the Iron Man character that ensured that his influence existed for a longer period of time in the MCU. As a Shakespearean character, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is responsible for most of the villains we’ve seen in the MCU.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why Iron Man is the real villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Involvement in the distribution of weapons to evil organizations10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

One thing we’ve witnessed multiple times in previous MCU films is the presence of Stark Industries. It was Tony Stark’s responsibility to make the company quite profitable and this led to the distribution of weapons around the world. This is quite similar to the real world and indicates that MCU takes plot points from the world and how the weapons are actually sold around the world. Iron Man 2008 shows us that weapons have reached the Ten Rings and this was mainly because of Obidiah Stane. Not only that, we later see that these were the same weapons that killed Wanda Maximoff’s parents as shown in the Disney + series. WandaVision.

Reason behind Whiplash’s origin

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Iron Man 2 It wasn’t the best of MCU projects, but the film addressed a lot about how Tony Stark’s revelation as Iron Man impacted the world. The film failed to give an adequate interpretation to Whiplash’s character, but indicated how Iron Man was responsible for him. Stark did not credit Anton Vanko’s father for the original arc reactor and later ended up antagonizing Vanko which led to him becoming Whiplash. This is actually quite similar to how Mysterio was motivated because Stark had a tendency to belittle some people around him.

She gave birth to Ultron

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

One of the best villains we’ve gotten into the MCU definitely includes Ultron and it’s no surprise that Stark is primarily responsible for creating this villain. Even though Stark had planned to create this artificial intelligence with good intentions and protect the world from cosmic threats, he still ended up creating the worst possible scenario for the world. His he ego and his pride were primarily responsible for what we witnessed and Ultron was the perfect response to what he had caused. This was an indication that Stark may be a genius, but his work must be under supervision so that he doesn’t end up doing something terrible on a whim.

He kept Ultron a secret from the Avengers

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

The most important thing that could mark him as a villain is the fact that he hardly trusts any of his fellow Avengers. His pride in him comes in the way that he trusts them and keeps most of his thoughts and ideas of him to himself. This was evident enough from his decision to keep the other Avengers in the dark about the creation of Ultron. The decision to create Ultron was something that could have taken advantage of the involvement of the other Avengers and this led to the chaos that developed in the film.

It led to Aldrich Killian’s AIM

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Iron Man 3 it’s not the most talked about Iron Man movie, but the movie offers a chance to properly explore Tony Stark’s character. Here we saw Stark fight without his Iron Man, which was indicative of the depth of the character. But at the same time, the main antagonist of the film was someone who was created out of Stark’s selfish demeaning behavior. Aldrich Killian was eager to show Stark his blueprint, but Stark hardly pays him any attention and that leads to Advanced Idea Mechanics. Stark finally realizes the impact he is having on his personal world when Pepper is also injected with the Extremis formula.

Damage control department found

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Initially planned as an idea for good, Tony Stark founded the Damage Control Department and this only led to a few negative consequences. This organization ended up leaving many people out of work who were actually involved in the cleanup after the battle for New York. This is what led Adrian Toomes to become The Vulture. The Vulture was one of the very first villains Spider-Man had to face because of Stark and that’s something we’ll see later in the narrative as well. While the Department may have been found with good intentions, it also serves to enhance Stark’s public name and provide him with political benefits. The effects of the Department of Damage Control will also be visible in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

He was in favor of the Sokovia Accords

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

We are well aware that everything we have witnessed in Age of Ultron is it was mainly because of Tony Stark. All of which led to him becoming so full of guilt that this time around he became the villain himself. He supported the Sokovia Accords limiting the actions of superheroes with a government sanction. Stark’s actions could actually be viewed in a way that he was trying to take advantage of himself, but that wasn’t the case. This leads to the actions that end up dividing the Avengers as he decides to stick to his own perspectives.

Involved Spider-Man in a great battle

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Tony Stark was responsible for bringing Peter Park to the scene of the airport battle Captain America: Civil War. He literally hired the boy for the battle because he realized he was going to need reinforcements during this fight sequence. Stark provided Spider-Man with a suit and we were sure the heroes wouldn’t hurt each other in this battle, but Stark felt responsible for Peter. The fight causes severe damage to War Machine and the same could have happened to Peter as well. Later, when Stark loses Peter while snapping in Infinity War we see Stark regret including Peter in all of this.

He held Scarlet Witch with Ultron against his will

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

One of the other reasons why the events of the civil war it is the explosion that occurs in Lagos. This was due to Wanda Maximoff’s failure as she was trying to prevent the explosion, but it ultimately caused the explosion in a nearby building. Wanda’s inability becomes a threat to which Tony responds by placing her in the Avengers Complex with Vision. We see Vision and Wanda sticking together, but the real motive was to keep Wanda under Vision’s supervision. This actually angers Wanda more when she realizes Stark’s true motives for holding her against her at her will.

He ended up fighting Captain America

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

Most of the events of the Civil War has seen Tony Stark being the main culprit and that’s because the film showed us a rather selfish version of his character. All of which leads to one of the biggest events in the movie where we saw Iron Man and Captain America fight each other. This is because Stark discovers that Bucky was responsible for killing his parents and is not ready to take Bucky’s explanation that he has lost control of what he did. Stark would later blame Captain America for causing this huge rift between the Avengers during Endgame.

Responsible for most of the Spider-Man villains

10 reasons why Iron Man was the real villain of the MCU

We finally got to see all the villains that will appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While it is not yet clear how they will look, it is confirmed that they will continue their past appearances in previous Spider-Man movies. Fans were surprised to see that the costumes of all these villains have seen some pretty interesting changes and there is a possibility that Stark Technology may be responsible for that. A recent TV commercial showed Electro wielding an Arc Reactor similar to the one we’ve seen Stark use.
There are even theories that Doc Ock will have an updated suit due to Stark’s NanoTech. This won’t be the first time Spider-Man has faced antagonists because of something Iron Man did.

So these are the reasons why Iron Man is the real villain. Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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