13 new free and cute wallpapers for WhatsApp

13 new free and cute wallpapers for WhatsApp

Unfortunately WhatsApp’s default wallpapers are pretty boring, we have put together a list of 14 wallpapers And free wallpapers of whatsapp that you can use on Whatsapp for iOS and Android.

On both platforms WhatsApp gives the possibility to change the default wallpapers, this can be done by going to Settings> Chat settings> Chat wallpapers.

All wallpapers mentioned below are optimized for Whatsapp wallpaper resolution, click the “Download” link next to the image name to download the wallpaper.

13 free WhatsApp wallpapers for iOS and Android

1. Time on the beach

WhatsApp Wallpaper

2. Mike Mazowski Wallpaper

Monsters and co Wallpaper

3. Mickey Mouse Wallpaper

Mickey mouse wallpaper

4. Message of love

Love message

5. Tron style

Lock screen wallpaper

6. Minimalist light

Minimalist lock screen wallpaper

7. Dark beauty

Minimalist beauty

8. Ride like a New Yorker

Bike like a New Yorker

9. Potency in the blood of the lamb

Power in the Blood of the Lamb

10. If I weren’t crazy I would be crazy

If I weren't crazy I would be background crazy

11. Happiness

Happiness Wallpaper Android

12. The view

BoraBora wallpaper android

13. Think positive

Think positive

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