5 Vidtomp3 alternatives to extract audio from YouTube videos

5 Vidtomp3 alternatives to extract audio from YouTube videos

Not so much for downloading music, even if it is one of the most frequent uses. We have thousands of unique Youtube audio files available to us but only with third party services. We can get them easily. One of the best exponents was Vidtomp3 a powerful service to extract such files in mp3 format, but it is always good to have alternatives at hand and here are some of the best that even surpass it in functionality:

Here are 5 Vidtomp3 alternatives to extract audio from YouTube videos

Vidtomp3: FLVto.com

vittomp3Simple enough at the expense of giving up the options to change the details of the audio to download, although it can be an interesting alternative for the many who are more interested in speed than technical configurations.

Enter the YouTube video URL and press the button Convert to MP3 to start the process. In a few moments the button will appear Download and also a QR code to download the audio directly to the mobile.

Vidtomp3: Dirpy.com

dirtyDirpy Studio is for those who care about the details, which is why it offers, after pasting the URL, options to change the name of the file to download. The favorite fragment of the video (with the preview to avoid errors), the Bit rate and the ID3 tags (Title, Artist, Album, Year, etc.) that will be displayed in the music player.

You will have to press Register to save the results. Below are also the options to download the video in different formats.

Vidtomp3: ClipConverter.cc

Clip converterFinally the most complete option – my favorite – even with technical configurations similar to Dirpy: ID3 tags, bit rate, fragments and even channels (Mono or Stereo) and volume.

However, it stands out because it’s sleeker, more intuitive, with more media formats to choose from (both audio and video), and even comes as an extension for browsers. In this regard, what it will do is add a button above the YouTube player to do without copying and pasting the URL.

Vidtomp3: Youtube-mp3.org

Even much simpler and still much faster (in the conversion process as in the download), the perfect solution when browsing on third-party PCs and / or who may have problems with the Adobe Flash plugin. Again, enter the URL and press the button Convert video to so that in a couple of seconds the magic appears Download .

Vidtomp3: Audiko.net


To create ringtones online – another classic use – or from an audio file hosted on the PC (blue button Upload ) or via a video URL. For both cases it offers some simple editing tools to select a specific fragment of the audio and “soften” the limits so that it doesn’t play at the same time ( Fade in And Fade Out ), as well as generating the results in MP3 and M4R for iPhone. If you have any problems, you can use another of the services in the list and upload the resulting file to the Audiko system.

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