7 best apps to compare photos before and after (Android / iOS)

7 best apps to compare photos before and after (Android / iOS)

Have you ever had the need to compare two photos to demonstrate diversity? Then keep reading this article!

There are many reasons to compare photos – you may need to show off your photo editing skills, weight loss, or even your child’s growing up. Luckily for you, there are plenty of before and after photo comparison apps for Android and iOS that can cope with your needs in seconds. These apps will compare your photos into collages and slideshows that will blow up your social media without too much effort on your part.

Here is the list of the 7 best apps in that category that you should try. Look!

Now & B4 – App for presentations

Now & B4

Let’s start with an app called Now & B4. This is an ideal slideshow app to showcase your before and after photos.

In short, this app allows you to compare two or more photos and show the before and after. To do this, the app practically places one photo on top of another by creating or swiping. Once done you can animate the slide and set the conditions of the photo comparison.

To be more specific, the app allows you to choose the photo format, adjust the slide direction, its speed, positions, and more. If needed, you can also add some extra filters to the photos (like black and white or other). As has already been said, you can create a so-called multi-slide by comparing different photos and you can adjust the slider for each of them.

Also, you can change the size of the slide and its width. It must be said that result videos can be saved in full HD, so it’s great for targeted ads. You can also choose the frequency of the video. Also, you can add your logo to the video along with any text you need.

Now & B4 1Now & B4 2

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Before and After Photo Compare

Photo comparison before and after

As the name suggests, Before and After Photo Compare is an app that allows you to easily view the before and after of your shots.

The main idea of ​​this app is to make the comparison process as simple as possible so that there is not a lot of effort on your part. However, in case of difficulty, you can set the app so that instructions appear on the screen. There are two scrolling modes in this app: manual and animated.

As you can probably imagine, manual mode requires you to move the cursor between images by yourself. It sounds handy because you can control the cursor speed by yourself but you can’t share it with anyone (you’ll need a screen recorder for that). The other mode animates the cursor and transforms it into the video.

Therefore, you will have to set all conditions from the speed of the cursor to its direction. It must be said that the video format will be saved automatically after the first use, so if you want to change it you will have to go to the settings. Once the presentation is rendered, you can share it directly to your SM.

Compare before and after photos 1Before and after photo comparison 2

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Before After Collage

before after collages

Before After Collages is an app that allows you to compare photos in the form of a collage.

Let’s make it clear: even though this is a before and after app, it is not suitable for creating presentations. Aside from the previous apps, this one is better suited for you to demonstrate your weight loss or a makeover, not your photo editing skills (it won’t be seen so clearly). This is because all of your before and after here will look like a collage.

The one thing that sets this apart from any other collage app is that it only has layouts for two photos with before and after marks. Therefore, the app has a lot of bg options for different situations. Also, you can set the layout by replacing photos and adding cute frames to your photos. The text options are also customizable: you can change the font, shadow and so on.

It must be said that the backgrounds and frames look a bit old fashioned, so if you are an IG influencer it may not be the right option for you. But before that, the app has intuitive control and any collage can be done in seconds. So if you don’t mind the design, the app is worth a try.

before after collages 1before after collages 2


Before and after compare photo

Before and after compare photo 1

Before and after photo comparison is an iOS app that will make before and after videos stylish for you.

Frankly, if you are an IG influencer who requires you to demonstrate your presets and filters on photos, this app might be your best steal. The app has a stunning minimalist interface and isn’t overloaded with unnecessary tools.

Plus, the app can automatically crop your photos based on the SM you’re posting them to – it has an IG post size, an IG story, and even a Facebook post size. What this app does is turn the comparison between two of your photos into a slideshow. With that, you can choose from different transition sliders, set their direction, speed and so on. And you can even add a melody if needed!

The app also allows you to add extra filters to your photos along with the text. Using the app is super simple: it has two slides for before and after and all you need to do is select photos from the gallery. The app has a paid membership, but you can create a basic before and after video without it.

Before and after compare photo 2Before and after compare photo 3

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Track Progress: Before and After Photos

Track progress before and after photos

Track Progress is another app that compares your photos before and after.

The main goal of this app is to allow you to easily compare the changes of whatever you want: your weight loss, your pet’s growth, your drawing skills. Aside from the other apps on our list, this one doesn’t focus on social media collages or presentations.

On the contrary, this app claims to be a safe place for your secret before and after – you can even enter a code on the app to be the only one who can reach it. As for the password, it can be a word, a fingerprint or a face ID. However, if you decide to share the photos, you can do it right from the app.

Plus, the app allows you to zoom images up to 30 times to get the slightest changes or details you wouldn’t want to miss. What’s more, you can not only import photos from your phone’s gallery, but also from the cloud or external storage. Speaking of the interface, it’s pretty basic with nothing you might be bothered by.

Track progress before and after photos 1Track progress before and after photos 2


Diff before after video photo collage with music

Before After Effect Collage

Diff Before After Effect Collage is an app that will make before and after videos enjoyable for you in seconds.

This app is also dedicated to short presentation videos that demonstrate the difference between two photos as clearly as possible. All you have to do is choose two photos for the before and after and set all the parameters of the slideshow: the speed of the cursor, its direction and so on.

The cursor can move in the opposite direction and diagonally and you can also choose its width. There is also an option to blur the image before it is fully shown, but it’s optional. You can also change the size of your video and even adjust the number of slide repeats. Additionally, the app has its own photo bank that you can use in conjunction with the music options.

Additionally, there is an automatic posting tool that can share a video of results about your MS. In doing so, you can choose the video quality up to full HD. The app also saves your project history so you can always go back to one of them. The app has paid subscriptions that remove the ads and give you access to extra tools, but you can skip this part entirely.

Before After Effect Collage 1Before After Effect Collage 2

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Layout from Instagram: Collage

Layout from Instagram

And finally, if you don’t want to worry about animated before and after, you can always switch to a good old Layout app.

While it’s nearly impossible for you not to know about this app, we get into its features very quickly. The Layout is the easiest to use collage app on the market. The main focus of this app is to create sleek and minimalist colleges that can fit your IG feed perfectly.

This app is basically a more elegant version of a Before-After Collages app (number 3 on our list). It has various templates and all you have to do is choose the perfect one and then add your shots. And just in case you don’t want colored borders or rounded frames that may be for you.

Speaking of how you can use this app for before and after, you just need to choose a two-shot model. Once that’s done, you can add some text, play around with the background and frames, and you’re good to go. With that, you can flip your photos and rotate them as you wish. And when you’re done, you can post the result directly to your IG.

Layout from Instagram 1Layout from Instagram 2

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