8 of the best free wallpaper apps for Android

8 of the best free wallpaper apps for Android

Wallpapers are one of the easiest ways to quickly give yourself a little change of scenery every time you open your phone. They can also be a great way to scroll through images on your camera roll, getting reminders of long-forgotten days when you least expected it.

However, there are hundreds of wallpaper apps on the Google Play Store, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best you can download today. Recent additions to our favorites list include Walli and AMOLED Wallpapers.

Wallpapers (Google)

Wallpapers from Google isn’t the company’s best-known app, but it’s a solid choice for anyone who wants to have a whole range of different wallpaper options available. You can choose from your photos, device wallpapers, animated wallpapers or choose a specific category, such as “Cityscapes” or “Textures”.

After selecting the category, you can choose a specific image or select the option to automatically change the wallpaper every day with a new image from that category. Another benefit of Google’s Wallpaper app is that the image repository is continuously updated.

Perhaps the only potential downside, if you’re looking for a specific image or item, is that there’s no search functionality within the app. Still, it’s a solid choice to consider and it’s all free. If you have multiple wallpaper apps installed, you can view and launch them via the Wallpapers app as well.

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7Fon is the first option on this list that offers the ability to access an app, but it’s not entirely necessary just to use it. It is also one of the best wallpaper apps for filtering out a huge selection of different options. In addition to categorizing all images, you can also tap the information button on each individual image to view a palette of colors from that shot.

You can also tap the palette icon at the top right of the app’s main screen. Tapping one of these colors returns other images with similar colors; this might not seem very useful, but if you want a specific color, rather than a specific image, it’s not always too easy to achieve via other wallpaper apps.

7Fon also has some robust automatic image editing options, letting you control options like how often the image changes, whether to download over Wi-Fi or data. where to store images and some other useful controls. If you choose to create an account, you can bookmark and rate the images, which are then shown within the app to give you an idea of ​​the popularity of each image. Registered users can also post images.

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7Fon is good for searching by color. / © NextPit

HD Backgrounds

Backgrounds HD is another one on this list that allows users to submit their own images (provided they log into the app) but has fewer features than the 7Fon above, which might be of interest to some people. In addition to breaking everything into different categories and providing a search option, the images are also organized into featured, recent and popular shots. Popular allows you to search daily, weekly, monthly or all the time.

You don’t need to register to download or favorite images, but you will need if you want to leave comments on other people’s uploads, follow people within the app, or if you want to upload your own wallpapers. As with Wallpapers HD, the app also allows you to set an image for multiple destinations, such as your lock screen, home screen, or profile pictures on your phone.

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If you’re happy to spend some money on your wallpaper habit it’s worth checking out Backdrops and it gets a shoutout for its thoughtful UI and image categorization, but there are plenty of free wallpapers available too. .

In addition to the now familiar list of categories you’d expect in a wallpaper app, Backdrops provides an “Explore” panel, which is a neat way to bring together free and premium images. There is also a community tab for images uploaded by other users, and the app gives you the ability to rate and prefer images you want to return to later.

Backdrops is another one that lets you set an image on your lock screen and even your home screen with just one tap. To do this, long press the “Set” button for a single image and additional options will appear at the bottom of the screen. The app also organizes the premium content into different collections, which you can pay to unlock individually, or you can just unlock the entire Premium app, which also removes the ads, for around $ 2.

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Muzei takes a slightly different approach to wallpapers and how you navigate the different options, to other apps on this list, prioritizing your images on the device. If you don’t have a lot of shots on your phone, you can choose to use one of the featured pieces every day.

If you choose to use the images in the “Pictures” folder, you can also dive into the settings to set how often the images should change. Unlike every other app on this list, Muzei doesn’t leave the selected image untouched, which is clever. One of the potential drawbacks of using an actual photo as a background is that it can make text difficult to read and icons difficult to distinguish.

To solve this problem, Muzei applies a blur to each image. Double-tapping an empty space on the home screen will switch from the blurry image to the original image for a few seconds. If you want to dive into the settings to control the amount of blur, smoothing, or switch the image to grayscale, you can do so via the app’s main menu. Muzei is probably the first app you will want to install on this list, as it can be used with some of the others.

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Install on Google Play

Walli – HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

The unique thing about Walli is that the backgrounds are created by a community of artists who can earn money for their creations. This means that each wallpaper is hand-picked and all have an artistic and creative vibe, instead of the generic style of stock images you can get using other wallpaper apps.

There is an Instagram-like feed that you can scroll through and categories that actually help you find what you are looking for. Whether it’s beaches, animals, or your favorite fandom (Breaking Bad, anyone?), There is something for everyone in this app.

If you want a wallpaper that stands out from the crowd and is as individual as you are, Walli is the app to use.


AMOLED Wallpapers

Smartphones with AMOLED displays are unique, because they give you the opportunity to save a little more autonomy. There is no backlight on any black pixels on AMOLED screens, so there is not only power saving, but also infinite contrast. If your phone doesn’t have an AMOLED display, you can still use these wallpapers, but sadly you won’t get better battery life using them.

AMOLED wallpapers, both for the home screen and lock screen, are exceptionally beautiful and there are many to choose from. Unfortunately, that means there are a lot of shoddy apps in the Play Store full of ads ready to waste your time. We found one (aptly named AMOLED Wallpapers) that isn’t bogged down with ads and has a large, well-organized selection.

Upon opening the app, you’ll encounter a somewhat random assortment of the latest additions. But, if you go to the categories tab, you’ll see the usual suspects: abstract shapes, space themes, animals, and many more, all with a deep black background.

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Tapet is a relatively new wallpaper app that claims to be the first of its kind. You can select a random wallpaper or let the app generate one every hour or every day. What’s cool about Tapet is that wallpapers are created based on your device’s screen resolution, which means you’ll always get great results no matter what phone you have. This isn’t even your typical app where you download wallpapers as image files. No images are downloaded from the internet, as everything is generated directly on your device.

best wallpaper apps

Since the wallpapers are generated and not downloaded, it means that there are literally an infinite number of options. If you are the type of smartphone user who changes the wallpaper often, this is definitely the wallpaper app for you. There is also support for Muzei, another wallpaper app on our list.

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