Abomination Will Be Human Again in "She-Hulk"

Abomination Will Be Human Again in “She-Hulk”

In one of the most striking returns of the entire MCU, Abomination appeared in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings last year, marking the villain’s first appearance in the franchise since his 2008 debut in The Incredible Hulk . For his second round, the character looked a bit different, having been redesigned to look a lot like the comic book version and possessing a more casual personality. Apparently, he will undergo an even bigger transformation in She-Hulk .

The return of Shang-Chi of Abomination was a prelude to his biggest role in the upcoming TV series by She-Hulk. It’s unclear how Bruce Banner’s original nemesis affects Tatiana Maslany’s vehicle, but we can now say Abomination will be Emil Blonksy again on the show.

Abomination Will Be Human Again in "She-Hulk"

Speaking with The DisInsider to promote his new movie Sundown Roth was asked if he will appear as a human in She-Hulk . “Oh yeah!” replied the actor, without hesitation.

While the Hulk can switch between forms, Blonsky traditionally becomes a full-time monster once transformed into an Abomination. This seemed to be the case in the MCU as well, as he hasn’t been seen in his regular form since he underwent the process of transforming the Hulk into Incredible Hulk . Who knows how it will manage to change shape, but perhaps it could also explain its evolution a Shang-Chi . Did he initially take a serum that made him mutate further before it worked, for example?

If he’s not kicked out, it’s hard to tell if Roth will actually appear in antagonistic guise. Even if he were, he won’t be the main villain in the series, as that honor goes to Titania, Jennifer Walters’ greatest enemy in the comics, who will be played by Jameela Jamil of The Good Place. Mark Ruffalo is, of course, also on board as Jen’s most famous cousin. This may be the first time Roth has faced Ruffalo’s Hulk compared to Edward Norton’s.

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