Alarm clock on mobile: the 5 best apps for Android

Alarm clock on mobile: the 5 best apps for Android

A good alarm clock app it can be an indispensable tool, and while the stock Android alarm clock is quite useful, it still remains a basic app. There are tons of other smart alarm clock apps that offer extended functionality, such as a choice of wake up sounds, sleep logs, and much more.

Whether you want to create a work routine at home or you don’t want to just sleep late and take advantage of what the hours of the day give you, here are some apps to wake you up right away from your Android phone.

Check out our selection of the best alarm clock apps for Android and you can have more control over your life and have a much calmer time in the morning_


alarmy android app

Considered by the community as one of the best alarm clock apps on the Play Store. Alarmyavailable in the Play Store, it has a very simple design but what is most striking is that it has several ways to turn off.

For example there is the photo mode, where you join a photo you took for the alarm and until you take an identical one, the alarm does not stop ringing. For this reason it is important that it is close to you, such as a toothbrush, cup or similar. You can also shake the phone or even do a mathematical operation if you prefer.

I Can’t Wake Up!

I Can't Wake Up

Ideal for the lazy, I Can’t Wake up! (Can’t get up) is designed for those who scratch as many seconds as they can to avoid leaving the cot. It is among the five apps to wake up and go back to the work routine because it is an app that will play with you through problems, repetitions or puzzles among others.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best known apps for waking up. And the reason for him is that he was one of the first to introduce the analysis of a healthy rest. You don’t need to have a wearable device to rate it, just have your smartphone nearby. You will be able to see your stats and get advice for better sleep.

This way you will wake up more relaxed and go to work in a better mood, even if the alarm goes off at the same time every day. This isn’t free, although its price (nearly one euro) is worth it for everything it provides.

Good Morning

Good Morning android alarm clock app

It seems nice to say “good morning” if you wake up well accompanied, but with the day to day it is something else. In addition to getting up at the appointed time, Good Morning it will also evaluate the quality of your sleep. Additionally, you will be set goals for learning to sleep well. The application will know when you are in the mildest phase of sleep so that your return to work is the best it can be. Plus, it’s free.


timely alarm clock app

The latest app proposal to get up and get back to the work routine is timely. It’s free and has one of the best designs in the Play Store. Timely It is integrated with Google, which means you can tell your mobile out loud what time you need to wake up tomorrow.

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