Alexa gets Santa's voice, here's how to enable it

Alexa gets Santa’s voice, here’s how to enable it

This is the season, which is why Amazon just introduced another new voice for Alexa. While the company added a bunch of celebrity rumors earlier this year, this new one is the most famous of them all – Santa Claus.

Once enabled, users can enjoy all kinds of Christmas cheer with Santa. For example, you can ask St. Nick to sing a song or be specific and say “Alexa, sing Jingle Bells”.

Or try asking, “Hey Santa, am I mean or cute?” and your children will receive a series of questions to answer, which could determine whether they are getting funny gifts or a pile of coal under the tree.

Here’s how to use Santa’s voice on Alexa.

How to enable Santa’s voice on Alexa?

If you want Alexa to respond to voice commands like St. Nick, or enjoy many other fun new holiday features, just say “Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa'” and you will be ready. Alternatively, you can do click here and tap enable to start. Also, if you have an Echo device in Kids Mode, open that device’s settings section in the Alexa app, scroll down to the wake word section, and turn on “Hey Santa”.

As a reminder, if you have multiple Alexa devices, you will need to manually enable Santa’s voice on each device using the command mentioned above.

This feature is only available for those in the US and UK.

Try these Alexa Santa voice commands

While the funny songs and questions about being mean or cute are great, Alexa’s Santa Claus voice can do so much more. Here is a list of commands you will want to try this winter season.

“Hey Santa, what can you do?”
“Hey Santa, tell me about your reindeer.”
“Hey Santa, can you laugh?”
“Hey Santa, what’s your favorite food?”
“Hey Santa, happy holidays”.
“Hey Santa, Merry Christmas”
“Hey Santa, let’s dance.”
“Hey Santa, tell me a joke.”
“Hey Santa, let’s play a game.”
“Hey Santa, give me some advice.”

What devices work with Santa Claus?

Amazon's Echo smart speaker.

According to Amazon, Santa’s voice works with nearly all available Echo devices, with the exception of Echo, Echo Dot, and first-generation wearables. Unfortunately, this fun voice option doesn’t work on Fire Tablet or Fire TV. Amazon said the latter two are “not supported right now,” which means we might see them added later or next year.

It seems that most of Alexa’s features will work with this new voice, and it will even sing some music playlists with Santa’s voice, which is eerily great. Either way, she’ll try it out during the holiday season and bring some extra cheer to your home or office.

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