Amazon: How to cancel your charge for streaming services and apps

Amazon: How to cancel your charge for streaming services and apps

While they are best known for selling physical products, Amazon also allows users to sign up for streaming services, magazines, apps, and other subscriptions using their Amazon account.

This can be convenient for quickly creating new accounts, but when it finally comes time to cancel a subscription, it means you’ll have to go through Amazon to do so.

Here’s how to cancel your Amazon subscriptions.

How to cancel Amazon subscriptions

Keep in mind that once you cancel a subscription, you will no longer be charged, but you will lose all the benefits that come with it.

1. Open Amazon on your computer and log in, then hover over the “Accounts & Lists” option in the top right corner to see a drop-down menu.

2. Click on “Subscriptions and Subscriptions”.

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3. On the next page, you will see all of your active Amazon subscriptions. Start the cancellation process by clicking on the “Manage subscription” option to the right of the app in question.

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4. Click the toggle next to the Automatic Renewal option to turn off payments and cancel your subscription.

Some options will not allow you to turn off auto-renewal from this page and will require you to go to another Amazon subscriptions page instead. If so, follow the link provided and delete it from there.

If you are looking to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, there is also a faster option.

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