Android Auto will allow you to split the screen

Android Auto will allow you to split the screen

Android Auto is the best feature you need to use to use your phone while driving. The rules say it, and it’s that you can’t manipulate your mobile while driving, but you can always use voice commands to perform quick functions. You’ll find what’s really important right on your browser screen and very soon you will get more information with Android Auto split screen.

More split screen control options

Google has positioned its phones very well in the automotive world. Thanks to Google Maps they have been placed on the dashboard of many vehicles to reach the destination as fast as possible, but Android Auto has given much more. This change in the operating system has helped make it easier to control from the dashboard screen and with voice commands.

But in the Mountain View house they have more plans for this version of the system than includes design improvements . In this sense we will see an aesthetic change that involves the integration of a split screen in the browser window.

This means that it will be possible to have several applications active on the screen, which is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is very nice to have different applications on the screen like Maps and Spotify in the same space, but equally it can be quite dangerous as you have so much information on the screen that it can distract you.

This may be the only downside to this evolution of the system. If we go to the present, the interface shows a single application on the screen and the one just closed on a toolbar. This second has a feature with quick access when possible, as happens with Spotify, which you can pause the song or move forward.

What is also appreciated is a redistribution of the buttons, to the point of putting the notifications section at the bottom, access to other apps, the Google Assistant button, time, battery and device coverage.

It remains to be seen when this feature will arrive, but everything indicates that there are already users of the beta program who have enabled it to carry it in the near future.

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