Android: how to enable and disable screen rotation

Android: how to enable and disable screen rotation

Screen rotation on smartphones is wonderful when it works as it should, but very annoying when it doesn’t. Knowing how to enable and disable screen rotation on an Android phone can save you a lot of frustration. Some apps work better in portrait mode, like Instagram, while others like YouTube look better in landscape mode when watching videos. Whether you’re using an expensive phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or one of the best budget Android phones, you’ll be able to set your phone’s screen orientation just how you want it no matter what task you’re at.

How to enable and disable screen rotation on an Android phone

Android has included an easy-to-use quick switch in the Navigation Pane to easily disable or enable the screen rotation feature.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen on the notification bar .
  2. Depending on how your phone has been set up, you may need to pull one down second time to show more quick buttons.
  3. Find the automatic rotation switch which looks like a rectangle with two arrows surrounding it and touch it.
  4. Touching it yes will disable or it will activate there function of screen rotation for your phone in apps that support it.

Enabling this feature will allow your phone to automatically switch to landscape when you open a video in an app like YouTube and rotate your phone, saving you from having to tap the full screen button in the video tile.

Some phone manufacturers like Samsung will include additional settings for automatic screen rotation. Like landscape mode when on your phone home screen or app drawer. Accessing these additional settings follows the same steps as described above but with one additional step. With held down on the auto rotate lever, it will open more options.

Samsung has never been shy about including many setting options for its phones, and variations for screen rotation are no exception. However, no matter which Android phone you choose to use, you’ll be able to set the phone to rotate when you want and turn it off when you don’t.

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