Are Gmail addresses case sensitive? Here's what to know

Are Gmail addresses case sensitive? Here’s what to know

If you want people to be able to email you, it’s crucial that you provide them with the correct email address. But what if they inadvertently add a capital letter somewhere inside it? What if they make a lower case letter? Or what if they add a period within your username?

Gmail addresses are not case sensitive (or period)

If you have Gmail, you don’t need to worry about these issues – Gmail addresses are not case sensitive, and the periods in the username part of your email address are fine, even if they are added between each letter. So even if these discrepancies creep in when others are attempting to contact you, those emails should still be delivered.

For example, suppose you register with the Gmail address “”.

If someone sends an email to one of the following addresses (for example,;;; or, you should still get their Message:

Gmail addresses are case sensitive 2

If you find that people are constantly spelling your Gmail address incorrectly, for example due to an unconventional name spelling, you may want to double-check that your Gmail address is spelled correctly in all places you include it. Social media, a professional portfolio or other type of website or company contact page could be good places to start.

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