Berlusconi had foreseen everything in 2014 (VIDEO)

Berlusconi had foreseen everything in 2014 (VIDEO)

On social media it all started as a joke, but slowly as the hours pass and the horrors of the war in Ukraine reveal themselves before everyone’s eyes, what was once just a mockery now becomes an appeal: If we really want someone who is capable to reason with Vladimir Putin and the West, there is only Silvio who can try. And it is not just a social paradox, which yesterday went wild on the topic, with the usual duels between for and against. But sometimes you can try the path of common sense.

Because Berlusconi has proven friendship with the Russian leader for many years. In his political life, the Knight was also able to demonstrate diplomacy with Muammar el Gaddafi. And despite all the mistakes he made in private life, from a political point of view he had a long eye, listen to how he predicts what would happen between NATO and Putin 8 years in advance:

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