Boy invents the PS controller for one-handed play

Boy invents the PS controller for one-handed play

Some players have found it difficult to use the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5, partly because of the its size and weight . Although Sony hasn’t released an official counterpart for Xbox Adaptive Controller from Microsoft, some people are trying to make it easier for others to play PS5 games.

YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has designed an adapter that allows gamers to use DualSense with one hand. The 3D printed binding clips onto the left stick. When placed on a surface (or thigh), physically moving the entire controller will move the stick. The L1 and L2 buttons are replicated on the right side of the controller.

There is a second optional accessory that also offers input for the D-pad. So aside from the Share button, players would be able to use the entire controller with one hand.

Since DualSense is symmetrical, Kuumeri says the accessories can be reversed to fit the other side of the controller. You should just mirror the components before printing them.

Kuumeri presented the adapter a a competition for one-handed controller projects. It’s possible download files and print attachments for personal use.

The adapter may also come in handy for gamers who typically have no problem using DualSense with both hands. In a video, Kuumeri demonstrates the ability to play It Takes Two , a cooperative solo game, alone using attachments on two controllers. The attachment could also offer players a way to munch on a snack or enjoy a drink without having to hit the pause button.

Kuumeri’s design will not mitigate the accessibility issues of all players. Some may tire of physically moving the controller or may not have the dexterity to access all four shoulder buttons with one hand. However, the attachment could offer a lot more people the chance to play games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart And Returnal as long as they have access to a 3D printer and are actually capable of securing a PS5.

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