Chicago Med: Dr. Choi finally has a new storyline

Chicago Med: Dr. Choi finally has a new storyline

Like the doctors of other prime time medical dramas, those of Chicago Med they are not without faults and demons. Dr. Choi, for example, had a kind of argument with his father a long time ago. We didn’t meet much of Choi’s family on the show, but what happened between Choi and his father a Chicago Med ? The synopsis of the episode of January 19, 2022 says that Choi considers the possibility of reconciling with his father.

As this is also an episode before an extended hiatus, Choi’s storyline could be important to his character’s development as it goes on. But also the most devoted fans of Chicago Med they may have a hard time remembering Choi’s father. Or, for that matter, anyone else in his family.

But Choi’s relationship with his father could be important to him in the long run.

Choi in "Chicago Med"

What happened between Choi and his father in “Chicago Med”?

Choi is known to have been quite a mom in her private life to Chicago Med . Viewers met her sister in season three. She even hung around for a while. Eventually, she fell through hard times and Choi and other doctors tried to help her recover from homelessness and addiction.

In the January 19, 2022 episode of Chicago Med Choi is invited to consider reconciling with his father.

So, at the very least, we know things are not going well between Choi and his father. Her father may have gambling and addiction problems similar to Choi’s sister. There may also be some other reason why he has apparently distanced himself from his father.

This new storyline could set things up for when Chicago Med will be returning from his 2022 winter break, especially as Choi will finally be officially back for ever closer to the end of the season.

Is Choi back on “Chicago Med” forever?

Choi was shot in the chest at the end of season six when he tried to stop a former patient from shooting Archer. Choi was notably absent for most of the first half of season 7’s Chicago Med . In real life, Brain Tee, who plays Choi, needed a break to shoot his new show Expats . But Choi’s storyline with her father seems to set things up for the rest of the seventh season.

The executive producer of Chicago Med Diana Frolov told TV Insider that Choi will be returning forever in episode 18. But first, she explained, she has a storyline with Charles helping her mental recovery after filming. Indeed, it is Charles who urges Choi to reconnect with her father in the episode of January 19, 2022.

“It has been changed,” Diana said of Choi. “It was a very traumatic event for him to be affected in this way and for this he reevaluated.”

Choi in "Chicago Med"

It appears that part of that reevaluation will consider reconnecting with his father. What this means for Choi’s character development, good or bad, remains to be seen. But there has to be a reason viewers haven’t heard much about that relationship up to this point.

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