Common mistakes when creating a password, what not to do

Common mistakes when creating a password, what not to do

The current problem with password security is that with so many services, accounts, platforms, devices and features we are forced to create new passwords every two to three weeks.
The supreme mistake is to use the same word in different accounts, this is absolutely what we should never do. For this reason, today we offer you some tips on how not to repeat super common mistakes when trying to make sure that each account and service has its own “secure password”:

Problem 1: Recycle passwords

As we noted earlier, a very common mistake is the use of the same key for multiple accounts or applications. Even if it costs, it’s better create one for each account, platform and device and that the Netflix password is not the same as that of Amazon, Gmail or PlayStation Store.

Problem 2: Create passwords based on the keyboard

Many users use the keyboard as a guide to easily remember passwords, for example those mentioned in that Top Ten Passwords to Avoid are usually “1 2 3 4 5 6” or “Qwerty”. We must use common sense and avoid concepts that are too obvious.

An example of bad passwords can be the use of words like “password” or “admin”. We must also avoid using personal data. since these are even easier to crack through social engineering.

Problem 3: Use the expressions you created

While some find it hard to believe, common mistakes include using phrases such as “Tiamo”, “iloveyou”, “tiodio”, etc. Yes, they are used often and therefore are easy to guess and will always be part of that “Basic package” of passwords that a hacker will use when trying to hack your account.

Problem 4: beware of hobbies

A password is something personal, so we tend to personalize it based on the characteristics of our life and the elements that surround us. Some users often use the name of their brands favorites sports, teams or bands as a password. But of course, putting “HarleyDavidson”, “Nike”, “NCAA” or “30SecondsToMars” as a password is not a good idea, unless you mix numbers with upper and lower case letters.

By itself, “30SecondsToMars” is very easy to hit. But not for this reason we should give up using this name if we are fans of Jared Leto, but simply replace it by changing the letters with numbers and alternating between uppercase and lowercase letters. And so, 30SecondsToMars becomes’ 3Os3C0ndSt0m4Rs’a much stronger password, right?

Problem 5: Use simple password templates

Making the first letter capitalized followed by 4 or 5 lowercase or using a number or two and ending with a special character such as a period or exclamation point, such as “Cane26!”, Doesn’t help much. As we said earlier, the key is to make it as difficult as possible for a hacker. And that way it would be better p3rR026 no doubt.

Now, hurry up and update your passwords!

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