Complete list of Brawl Stars characters

Complete list of Brawl Stars characters

Here is the full list of Brawl Stars characters:

Brawler Rarity How to unlock Gadget Star Power Star Power
Shelly Starting Brawler Free Fast forward Shell Shock Bandaid
Nita Trophy Road 10 trophies bear paws Hyper bear Bear with me
Foal Trophy Road 60 trophies Speedloader Magnum Special Smooth boots
Bull Trophy Road 250 trophies T bone injector Cool guy Berserker
Jessie Trophy Road 500 trophies Candle Shocky Energize
Brock Trophy Road 1,000 trophies Rocket laces Rocket NO.4 Arsonist
Dynamike Trophy Road 2,000 trophies Fidget Spinner Demolition Dyna-Jump
Bo Trophy Road 3,000 trophies Super Totem Snare A Bear Eagle in circle
Tick Trophy Road 4,000 trophies Backup mine Automa-Tick refill Well oiled
8 bit Trophy Road 6,000 trophies Cheat cartridge Enhanced booster Extra life
Emz Trophy Road 8,000 trophies Friendzoner Bad karma Hype
El Primo Rare Brawl boxes Suplex supplement El Fuego Meteor Rush
Barley Rare Brawl Boxes / Supercell ID Sticky syrup mixer Medical use Harmful extra
A little Rare Brawl boxes Tuning fork From the beginning! Squeaky solo
Pink Rare Brawl boxes Cultivate the light Thorny gloves Flora
Bounce Super rare Brawl boxes Multiball Launcher Robo Retreat Super bouncy
Darryl Super rare Brawl boxes Recoil rotator Steel rims Rotating refill
Penny Super rare Brawl boxes Rocket Detonator Last Blast Fireballs
Carl Super rare Brawl boxes Heat expeller Power launch Protective Pirouette
Jacky Super rare Brawl boxes Pneumatic booster Counter Crush Handy Hard Hat
Piper Epic Brawl boxes Auto Aimer / Homemade recipe Ambush Snappy sniping
Pam Epic Brawl boxes Pulse modulator Mam’s Hug Mam’s Squeeze
Franco Epic Brawl boxes Active noise cancellation Power Grab Sponge
Bibi Epic Brawl boxes Vitamin Booster Overs Stop position
Bea Epic Brawl boxes Honey molasses Honey coat Insta Beaload
Mortis Mythical Brawl boxes Combo Spinner Creepy crop Coiled snake
Tare Mythical Brawl boxes Psychic enhancer Black portal Healing shadow
Gene Mythical Brawl boxes Blowout lamp Slap of the Spirit Magical puffs
Max Mythical Brawl boxes Phase Shifter Super charged Run N Gun
Mr. P Mythical Brawl boxes Service bell Revolving door Handle with Care
Bud Mythical Brawl boxes Garden shredder Photosynthesis Overgrowth
Crow Legendary Brawl boxes Defense / slowing toxin booster Carrion Crow Extra toxic
Spike Legendary Brawl boxes Popping Pincushion Curved ball Fertilize
Leon Legendary Brawl boxes Clone projector Invisiheal Smoke trails
sandy Legendary Brawl boxes Sleep stimulator Healing winds Rude Sands
Storm Chromatic Brawl boxes Spring ejector Second wind Violent blow
Surge Chromatic Brawl Boxes / Brawl Pass Energy source At most!

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