Complete list of Google Assistant voice commands

Complete list of Google Assistant voice commands

If you have an Android device or tablet that supports the Google Assistant, you can use Google to pair to give commands to your device. Whether you’re looking for directions to a specific location, want to set an alarm or calendar reminder, or play music, you can do it just by saying the command aloud.

You’ll obviously need to know how to instruct Google to perform these tasks, so here’s a list of common commands you can use to get the most out of your Google Assistant-enabled device.

Note: you will have to say “Hey, Google…” before issuing the following commands.


Google voice commands to control music

Not only can the Google Assistant play music on a linked music app (such as Spotify), it can identify a song that’s playing or even turn on a radio station.

  • Play music: “Play [artista]”Or” play [brano]”.
  • Identify the music: “What is this song?”
  • Play radio music: “Play [stazione radio]”.
  • Read books or watch movies from Google Play: “Look [film]”Or“ Play [audiolibro]”.

Google voice commands to get directions

Google can use Google Maps to help you find addresses, navigate to certain places, and more.

  • Get directions road : “Go to [luogo]”Or” Driving directions to [luogo]”.
  • Find places near your current location: “Where is the nearest gas station?” or “Where is the nearest coffee shop?”
  • Search for travel plans booked in your Gmail account: “What is the address of my hotel in [città]? “
  • Find the attractions: “What are some things to do at [città]? “

Google voice commands to answer questions

The Google Assistant can not only tell you the date or time, but it can also report on the time, check stock prices, give word definitions, solve math equations, and even answer trivia questions.

  • Get the time: “What time is it at [città]? “
  • Get word definitions: “What does it mean [parola]? “
  • Mathematical equations: “What is the sum of [numeri]? “
  • Weather forecast: “What is the temperature in [città]? “

Google voice commands to set reminders and alarms

The commands here are simple and incredibly useful.

  • Set alarm clock: “Set an alarm for [ora]”.
  • Set reminder: “Remind me of [attività]”.
  • Add events to calendar: “Create a calendar event for [occasione] the [data e ora]”.
  • Check the calendar: “What’s on my calendar for [data]? “

Google voice commands to access the account privacy settings

You can ask Google to reveal your search history or to open your privacy settings so you can change them on your device.

  • Reveal search history: “Show my Google search history”.
  • Access the security and privacy settings: “Adjust mine settings of Google security and / or privacy “.
  • Access your account settings: “Open Google Account Settings”.

Google voice commands to talk to friends and family

If you use Google Hangouts or use the Google Assistant on a device capable of making calls, using these commands will help you stay connected.

  • Make phone calls: “Who loves [nome contatto]”.
  • Send messages: “Send a Hangouts chat to [nome contatto]”.
  • Send email: “Send an email to [nome contatto] with subject [oggetto] and message [messaggio]”.

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