Contacting a seller on Amazon about order issues

Contacting a seller on Amazon about order issues

If you’ve ever placed an order on Amazon and realized soon after you’ve made a mistake, then you know it can be hard to figure out how to fix it.

When your order is not eligible for Amazon Prime shipping benefits, you must contact the third-party seller directly. Here’s how to do it.

How to contact a seller on Amazon

The procedure for contacting a seller on Amazon is slightly different depending on whether you have already placed an order with them or not.

To contact a seller on Amazon after placing an order:

1. Go to the Amazon website and log into your account.

2. Click on “Returns and Orders”, located in the upper right corner of the screen.


3. On the ‘Your Orders’ page, find your order in the list and click the yellow ‘Order Problem’ button.


4. On the next screen, under “What went wrong?” select a topic from the list.


5. On the next page, under “What would you like to do?” click “Contact seller”.


6. Choose an option from the “Select Pattern” drop-down menu.


7. Then, type your message in the box that appears and click “Send”.


To contact a seller before placing an order:

1. On the product detail page, click the seller’s name. It should be on the right side panel under the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons, next to “Sold by”.


2. On the seller’s page, click “Ask a question” in the upper right corner.


3. You will be directed to the Seller Message Assistant. In the chat window, select the appropriate options related to your question.


4. After clicking on some multiple choice options, a message box should appear where you can type in a specific question and attach files if you wish.


5. After typing your message, click “Send Message”.

Contact a seller on Amazon in the Buyer / Seller Message Center

You can also directly access all your messages with sellers on Amazon. To view or reply to a conversation with a seller, you need to log into the Buyer / Seller Message Center.

1. Go to the Amazon website and log into your account.

2. Hover over “Accounts & Lists” in the upper right corner and click “Accounts” under “Your Account” in the drop-down menu.


3. On the Your Account page, scroll down to the “Communication and Content” box and click “Messages from Amazon and sellers”.


4. In the Message Center, click the Buyer / Seller Messages tab.


5. Find and click the message you want to view or reply to. To reply to a message, click “Reply” above that message.

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