Dark mode on WhatsApp: how it works and how to activate it

Dark mode on WhatsApp: how it works and how to activate it

As of May 2019, WhatsApp Beta users were surprised that it was no longer available as a feature. In the end we had to spend the whole last year and the beginning of this 2020. But it’s official and you can already say: the dark mode has finally reached the standard version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp dark mode

Officially announced by WhatsApp in his blog if you are an Android 10 or iOS 13 user you can use dark mode enabling it in the settings operating system itself – no need to log into the app.

Users with Android 9 and earlier they should log into WhatsApp and tap Settings> Chat> Theme> and select “Dark”. But in the case of Apple’s iPhone, the new functionality of the app requires iOS 13 to work.

Being the version on Android And 2.20.30 on iOS Unlike other dark modes, WhatsApp’s dark theme does not directly apply a black hue, but a “night blue” hue to soften it in all aspects of the interface.

Advantages of using dark mode

Battery savings will be considerable

Above all, on Amoled screens we will see how the dark mode of WhatsApp and the saving will be directly proportional to the time we regularly spend on WhatsApp. When we don’t have dark mode, there are thousands of active pixels, while with dark mode many of them will be turned off or their brightness will be reduced, which it will affect our battery and allow us to extend it further .

Blue light hurts our eyes

Last but not least, we find a topic that affects our visual health and rest.

The blue light of the screens has become a topic of great importance and in this regard the dark mode has a lot to say for its benefit. Bright light hits our body, making it more difficult for us to fall asleep, something that with dark mode will be significantly reduced.

dark whatsapp
dark mode whatsapp

Dark Mode brings with it a new section within WhatsApp Settings called Theme Settings, and in it you will have 4 options to choose from. At the moment it is not available for the standard version of the app that we all use, although it is already available in WhatsApp Beta, so we will see them officially soon.

In the meantime, these are your options for use:

– Clear theme: the clear theme you use right now

– Dark Theme: Apply Dark Mode to the app interface in place and leave it that way until you change it back to Light Theme.

– System default: the transition from normal theme to dark mode he comes run by WhatsApp itself based on dark mode activation in newer Android versions. If, for example, you have programmed that at that moment the interface of your Android switches to the dark theme, WhatsApp will also switch to dark mode.

– Drums: the activation and deactivation of Dark mode is done from the mobile phone in based on the battery level it has.

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