Do colors look weird in Windows 11? You are not alone

Do colors look weird in Windows 11? You are not alone

Windows 11, like any new operating system, has had its fair share of problems. The latter sees many users with HDR displays (and some without) having problems with the correct display of colors in image editing applications.

As first reported by Windows Latest , a bug in Windows 11 could prevent specific image editing applications from reproducing colors correctly on HDR displays (and occasionally other displays as well). Most of the users reported the problem when editing images with white colors or on a white background. Instead of white, images will appear bright yellow or other colors.

Clearly, image editing is a place where inaccurate colors are more than just a nuisance. Knowing that the colors you see are correct can make the difference between accurate color grading and color correction of a photo and not.

After the initial reporting, Microsoft has confirmed the bug:

After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs may not reproduce colors correctly on certain HDR displays. This is often observed with white colors, which may appear in bright yellow or other colors.

This problem occurs when some Win32 color rendering APIs return unexpected information or errors under specific conditions. Not all color profile management programs are affected, and the color profile options available on the Windows 11 Settings page, including the Microsoft Color Control Panel, should work correctly.

Regarding the resolution of the problem, Microsoft says: “We are working on a solution and we estimate that a solution will be available at the end of January”.

This means that anyone editing images with an HDR display will have to pay close attention to ensuring that the colors are accurate while waiting around a month for the update to arrive.

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