Do iPhone apps disappear? Here's how to recover downloaded apps on iPhone

Do iPhone apps disappear? Here’s how to recover downloaded apps on iPhone

Some apps that you haven’t used for a while may disappear from your iPhone. If that is why you are here, we have the solution. We know why iPhone apps are disappearing, how to get them back and prevent them from happening again.

Let’s see how to disable app offload on iPhone and disable the disappearance of iPhone apps.

Prevent automatic disappearance of iPhone apps

When your iPhone’s storage runs out, there won’t be enough space for new apps, files, caches, and more. Apple suggests “downloading unused apps” in these cases to save space. So what is downloading on the iPhone?

When offloading is enabled on iPhone, some unused apps will be uninstalled automatically to save storage space on iPhone. This will keep the app icon and its data. You can later install the app by yourself and use it as you used it before. The app icon will have a “cloud download” icon along with the name. After tapping a downloaded or disappeared app on your iPhone, it will start downloading the app from the App Store.

App downloaded to iPhone

However, this gets really annoying when you suddenly want to open an app that you may not actually have opened in a while. To avoid this, we should consider disabling Offload apps on iPhone. That’s how.

Launch the app Settings on your iPhone and go to settings of the App Store .

App Store Settings on iPhone

Scroll down. Disable “Download unused apps” if it is in the enabled state.

Disable offloading unused apps on iPhone to fix iPhone apps disappearance

Now that you’ve just disabled the download option, the iPhone apps won’t disappear. However, the apps already downloaded will remain the same. You can go through the App Library and tap those app icons to restore downloaded apps to your iPhone.

Downloading unused apps is a smart way to save storage space. It offers you spare storage space on your iPhone by uninstalling some unused apps for a longer time. While you can reinstall them at any time later, disabling it will stop causing iPhone apps to disappear.

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