Do the iPhones 12, do they have a charger in the box or not?

Do the iPhones 12, do they have a charger in the box or not?

Buying a new phone is always a big event. The illusion of taking a large box, removing the protective plastic and taking out the packaging and then shaking it to reveal the inside. This so-called scene will bring you very satisfying memories, but when you have the iPhone 12 case in your hands you will realize some things: the first is thinner than the previous models, the second is that it does not include a charger.

Such as? An iPhone without a charger in the box?

Yes, while you are reading. Those from Cupertino have made a drastic decision to sell their next smartphone. All they know already the iPhone 12 and its different variants Mini, Pro and Pro Max, which bring many novelties, but one of them comes in the package itself. It turns out that the company took the initiative not to include a charger in the terminal block.

This is very curious for a company like Apple and especially in a high-end phone. But the bitten apple has her motives and these go through her desire to become one of the technology companies that take care of the environment the most. He made it known at today’s event at the hands of his vice president Lisa Jackson.

Climbing to the top of Apple’s offices, the company’s second-in-command provided data on its progress in this regard, stating that in 2030 its offices will create no environmental impact.

What does it translate into? On the one hand, they will no longer include chargers in the iPhone boxes. According to Jackson “there are already more than 2 billion power adapters in the world,” suggesting that you certainly have a few at home that you can use. This is not to mention that they will make the iPhone 12 boxes smaller and therefore they won’t use that many packaging materials.

There won’t even be headphones, but a USB C cable.

The iPhone 12 does not come with a boxed charger , but it might not be the only thing you’re missing. And it is that the thing does not end there as you won’t have the wired headphones that the company included. This measure can be harshly criticized by the users as they have always had these accessories included in the phone. The reasons are the same as previously expressed with the shipper.

So, if the iPhone 12 comes without charger or headphones, is it just the phone in the box? The answer is no, and not because the typical tool for removing the SIM tray or the typical manuals comes. The accessory it includes will be the charging and data transfer cable, which will be USB C to Lightning. This could be highly criticized by customers, but this will affect the sales of the device which will be known later.

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