eMule is back after 10 years: is p2p reborn?

eMule is back after 10 years: is p2p reborn?

EMule software is a true monument to Internet users in the early 2000s. It is one of the first software to popularize peer-to-peer downloading to make it accessible to grandfather and grandmother. Although only used by a handful of diehards, the official forum released version 0.60a, 10 years after the last update!

Even though HADOPI nearly died, eMule it is not yet! Recall that this software was born from the ashes of eDonkey thanks to Merkur (Hendrik Breitkreuz of his real name). In 2002, this developer wanted to go beyond the original design and offer open source P2P software with a user-friendly interface.
Before BitTorrent, eMule was the software where you could find the latest album of things or that great movie classic not found anywhere else. Netflix or VoD were still a long way from existing and many people connected with a 56k modem for the first time. Of course, the chances of downloading a “fake” were great, but with the advent of broadband, more and more users. eMule pioneered the BitTorrent relationship with its credit system, but that’s not all… In 2006,

updated emule is back

The Mule, this Phoenix …

This is without taking into account the development team that released it a beta version of version 0.60a on August 14, 10 years after 0.50a! Far from wanting to look for the buzz, this version implements many new features with HTTPS support for downloading the files needed to run the program (language pack, server.met and nodes.dat in particular), an attempt to connect in ” obfuscated ”to avoid ISP blocking, better handling of UPnP and interrupted downloads, etc.

So obviously this won’t change our little download habits (legal or illegal), but finding this interface will undoubtedly bring good times back to the eldest of us. Come on, I reinstall Winamp and BSPlayer …

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