Eternals on Disney Plus: there is the official date

Eternals on Disney Plus: there is the official date

Marvel’s latest blockbuster comedy hit theaters in November, but today the company has announced that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home on January 12th. So yes, you will be able to stream Marvel’s Eternals on Disney Plus early next month.

With so much hype surrounding the film’s plot, characters and what’s to come next, fans are eagerly awaiting his arrival. If you hadn’t seen it in theaters, for obvious reasons, January 12 would be the day to mark on your calendars.

Many fans were hoping that the MCU would take a similar approach to that of Black Widow , available to stream the same day it hit theaters, but it didn’t. Instead, with such a big movie, it looks like they’ve decided to at least stick to some sort of short theatrical exclusive window before opening it up for streamers.

Eternals is the latest in a series of films coming out much sooner than expected. Instead of waiting months to see a new movie out of theaters, fans will have the option in a few weeks. For comparison, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings they came out about 70 days after they hit theaters, and now we’re seeing something similar with Eternals .

It is worth noting that the miniseries Eye of Falco wraps up in December, so it makes sense for Disney Plus to move Eternals to prevent fans from unsubscribing. Either way, make the popcorn and don’t forget to watch all the old movies to refresh your memory

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