Eternals: What went wrong with the new Marvel movie?

Eternals: What went wrong with the new Marvel movie?

Nothing lasts forever, except, you know, the Eternals themselves. And while the film of Eternals is fared quite well in theaters on its opening weekend, grossing a whopping $ 71 million in the US and over $ 160 million worldwide, the film has already garnered more negative reviews from critics. he was born in public than any other Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

The Rotten Tomatoes score is currently 48%, the lowest score an MCU film has ever received, breaking Marvel Studios’ string of 25 consecutive “fresh” films on the site. The audience awarded him a CinemaScore B, which is also a new low for the company.

It is quite possible that over time, some of the approximately 150 critics who have given a negative review to Eternals they will review the film. And maybe the ones who like it already Eternals they will beat the drum so hard that his reputation will start to grow. At this point, however, it appears that Eternals he will be remembered as an ambitious Chilean.

It is worth asking how this happened. Marvel’s previous 25 productions over the past 13 years have been both critical and very popular with audiences. Few studies in history have such a consistent quality curriculum. Even Marvel’s less stellar movies are still solidly fun, exciting, and well acted.

Not this time, at least according to 52 percent of critics and a good percentage of the paying audience. So what went wrong? The following list identifies five main problems which, in hindsight, were indications that Eternals it wouldn’t end up among the most eternally loved titles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternal : What went wrong?

An Oscar-winning director. A beloved Marvel comic. So why did the film have a flop with critics and audiences?

1. Weak romantic contacts

There are some really cool characters in Eternals including Kumail Nanjiani superhero, Bollywood star Kingo and Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos, who decides to fight an immortal god on the small chance that he can protect her husband and son in the process.
These Eternals will all join the story later, though; the initial and primary target is Gemma Chan’s Sersi and Richard Madden’s Ikaris, the literal power couple of the Eternals who recently broke up after centuries together. The haunted romance between Ikaris and Sersi should give a Eternalsexcruciating stakes. But as adorable as Chan and Madden are, they have no connection to each other on screen; they look like two people who just met on an awkward first date rather than a tragic union with centuries of history.
Whether it’s the writing or the casting or both, that central dynamic is an absolute failure. And that’s a big deal for a film with a dozen main characters. Any meaningless and forgettable scene focusing on Sersi and Ikaris could have been given to Kingo or Phastos or someone else.

2. Perhaps the worst villains in Marvel history

Jack Kirby’s Deviants from the comics of The Eternals they were a whole separate race of strange aliens; the true polar opposites of the Eternals. They had identifiable goals, ambitions and motivations. Chloe Zhao’s Deviants are a bunch of generic monsters that jump around biting people.
Until the end of the film they cannot speak and have no apparent motivation other than their sheer love of jumping and biting people. Are these dollar shop xenomorphs the reason the Eternals have been sent to Earth for thousands of years? They never seem like a threat worthy of a race of immortal alien gods.

3. The film cannot decide whether it is science fiction art or a typical Marvel film

Despite all the talk about how Eternals looks and feels different from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is only true up to a point. Some sequences break out of traditional Marvel visual and narrative patterns, but the film invariably returns to things fans are familiar with; buff men and women in tight-fitting costumes fighting with some evildoers to save the world.
It never gets weird enough to be a truly impressive sci-fi puzzle game, and it never gets exciting enough to become one of Marvel’s most satisfying thrillers. Caught between the two, it ends up being doubly disappointing.

4. The plot is a retelling of another Marvel movie

The great turning point of Eternals it involves the heroes learning that they are actually the villains of their story. The Celestials did not send them to Earth to protect it from harm; their true purpose is to ward off threats so that a celestial egg within the planet has the time and energy it needs to be born.
When that happens, our planet will be destroyed, humanity will be wiped out, and the Eternals will be sent to a new planet to protect another unborn Celestial. It could be a surprising revelation… if Marvel hadn’t used nearly the exact same story structure and surprise in Captain Marveltwo years ago. (In both films, the powerful and undisputed warriors of an intergalactic super-race discover that their leaders have manipulated them by erasing their memories and lying about the true purpose of their mission.)
Marvel recycled their core plot structures earlier – Doctor Strange it was basically Iron Man with magic instead of technology, but Eternals it looks more familiar than most of their other films.

5. It’s much more of a Marvel movie than a Chloe Zhao movie

Chloe Zhao is an Oscar winner with a string of independent hits to her name. (Both of her previous films of hers, The Rider And Nomadland they were in my year-end top ten in 2018 and 2020.) I was thrilled to see what he would do with a bigger budget and the Marvel machine at his disposal.
Eventually, he added some of his signature, natural visuals to the MCU’s typical mix of backlots and green screens, but he didn’t seem to find a way to marry the things that set his indie films apart, which were intimate and full of character detail. , up to a huge blockbuster.
That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be successful with another large-scale budget in some other context. Only this time it didn’t really work.

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