Explanation of the ending of the film Eternals

Explanation of the ending of the film Eternals

Eternals arrived in Marvel Cinematic Universewith the film by the Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao that arrives in the cinema after a year of delay pandemic.

Immersing himself in the plots of Marvel’s cosmic comics, he introduces a new group of immortal superheroes who have lived quietly on Earth for centuries, fighting the savage Deviants and aiding the advancement of human civilization.

The film takes place after Avengers: Endgame , when billions of missing people returned after five years of absence and the world suddenly felt pretty crowded. We’ll also have a separate article that dives into the post-credits scenes, if you want to skip straight to those.

It’s time to step into the cosmic ending, here come the SPOILER .


Their real purpose

This is complicated, so let’s take a look at the previous revelations in the film to make sense of it all. If you just want to know what happens in the end, scroll down to the “Emergency averted” section.

After the wise leader Ajak (Salma Hayek) is killed by the Deviants, Sersi (Gemma Chan) is elevated to the role of Prime Eternal and the Celestial Arishem reveals the true nature of the group’s mission to Earth in one of the slightly overwhelming dumps of the plot of the movie. .

New Celestials – ancient god-like entities with incredible abilities to manipulate matter and energy – are created by sowing planets and allowing life to thrive on that world. The energy of living beings allows Celestials to grow and eventually emerge from their planetary shells, a time known as Emergence. That world is destroyed in the process, which seems a bit rude.

Arishem the Celestial in Marvel's Eternals
Celestials like Arishem don’t care too much about the survival of the human race.Marvel Studios

The concept was used in the cartoon plot of the 1999 Earth-X which takes place in an ugly dystopian version of the Marvel Universe.

Deviants were originally sent to planets to kill predators and allow life to spread so that there was enough energy for Celestials to emerge, but they have gone out of control and slaughtered indiscriminately.

The Eternals believe they are from the world of Olympia, but in reality they are synthetic beings created by the Celestials in the World Forge and sent to wipe out the Deviants (meaning that one creation was sent to stop another). Their memories are erased after each Emergency and they are sent to a new planet to do it all again.

Thena (Angelina Jolie) occasionally loses control and tries to kill allies because she is plagued by Mahd Wy’ry (pronounced “crazy tired”), a disease caused by the return of erased memories. Like any computer, it is difficult to completely erase data.

Thena struggles to keep it together for much of the film.Marvel Studios

The emergence of the Earth

The Eternals of Earth were responsible for ensuring that Celestial Tiamut could grow deep within the Earth’s crust and burst when the time was right, but the First Eternal Ajak was the only one aware of their true mission. He revealed this to second-in-command Ikarus (Richard Madden), who believes his desire to stop the Tiamut Emergency is a betrayal of their mission and will prevent the birth of billions of beings through the next celestial seeding process.

Herein lies the film’s connection to Avengers: Endgame: Thanos’ Snap delayed the Emergence because it wiped out much of the life energy Tiamut would use. When the Hulk brought back the lost half of the population, that energy returned and the Celestial prepared for his Emergence.

Which makes you wonder why the Celestials didn’t order the Eternals to aid in the battle against Thanos, since the villain’s machinations interfered with their plans.

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Thanos unknowingly saved the Earth from destruction.Marvel Studios

Ajak’s team believed they had wiped out all the Deviants on Earth, but Ikarus discovered some that had been frozen in ice and went unnoticed. The beasts thawed and Ikarus killed her boss by pushing her into their lair.

Deviant leader Kro stole Ajak’s healing powers as he killed her and decided he wanted to take the rest of the Eternals’ abilities (yum yum). He does it with Gilgamesh and almost leads Thena towards the film’s conclusion, but she manages to slice it at the last second.

If the Deviants storyline feels like a non-sequitur, it’s because they served as little more than a distraction for the other Eternals as Ikarus makes sure the Emergency can happen.

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