Facebook confirmation code not received: what to do

Facebook confirmation code not received: what to do

If you make any changes to your existing account setup, you will normally receive a confirmation link from Facebook on your email. In this tutorial, we will show you what you can do if you don’t receive this link.

What to do before starting?

To complete the Facebook registration process, it is necessary confirm the email address used to create your account. Facebook performs this verification by sending a link to your email address, which you can follow for confirm your registration .

How to confirm your Facebook email address?

To confirm your email address, click or tap the link sent by Facebook to your email address and you will be automatically redirected to Facebook. This way your email address will be confirmed and you will be able to use the social network. If you haven’t received this confirmation email yet, here are some steps you can take if you haven’t received a confirmation email .

What to do when the confirmation email is not received?

User error

Common Internet mistakes (eg using “www” in an email address) or even entering an incorrect email address may be the cause of this problem. In this case, Facebook provides users with a module to be sent to solve the problem. Once submitted, Facebook will resend your code to the correct address.

You should also make sure that you try to log in with the exact email address that was provided at registration. Many times, users sign up with the wrong email domain, such as comcast.com, rather than the correct comcast.net.

Mailbox filters

In some cases, your internet service provider may have prevented the confirmation email from reaching your inbox due to safety precautions . Make sure to check all junk and junk mail folders in your inbox before looking for workarounds. If you used a Gmail account, check your folder Social to make sure the email was not archived without your knowledge.

It is also possible that network and frequency errors on the Internet have caused the delay in the delivery of the code.

If you have created your account with your mobile number

If you have created an account with your mobile number and you have not received an SMS with a confirmation code, try to follow the official steps .

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