Facebook Dating: how to activate it and how it works

Facebook Dating: how to activate it and how it works

With the advent of social networks, finding a partner online has become as common as doing it the classic way. And the success of the hundreds of websites and applications dedicated exclusively to those like Meetic, Tinder, Grinder and there is a fact that contrasts it. Flirting online using networks like Facebook is a fact aside from big business.

Meet love on Facebook

At the F8 2018 event, Facebook presented us with their Facebook Dating, a new feature within the Facebook app “For dating and relationships. Issued in the United States. 1 year ago, it took some time, but Dating has finally arrived in Italy.

Being a Facebook service, FB Dating is compatible with other products of the company. For starters, you can directly integrate your Instagram posts into your profile Facebook dating and thus convert many of your followers into potential crush / crush.

facebook tinder

There is also the option to add Instagram and Facebook Stories. And among its most important elements is the possibility of have more than one profile and use a different one for the account than usual .


Being such a sensitive subject, and bearing in mind that Facebook’s popularity is low due to so many serious security concerns, security is an essential element in Facebook dating as it is an intimate contact between two people, both physical and online. . For this reason Facebook Dating allows features such as:

  • Report and block anyone
  • Prevent the people of send you messages with photos, links, payments or videos
  • Inquire with safety tips
  • Have privacy: none of your Facebook contacts will know that you use Dating a unless you don’t him say
  • You choose if you want to have your contacts as possible candidates or that these are people you don’t follow / follow you

It is not encrypted

To protect people, Facebook Couples imports information from Facebook accounts and does not allow you to change some important data such as username. The dating experience requires the use of location data in the registry, but does not automatically update the user’s location, like with other dating apps.

Facebook will not show ads in this feature and has established a number of special categories that will not be shared or used for advertising purposes, such as information about a person’s sexual orientation, religion and other personal data. To ensure user safety and review reports in case of abuse, Facebook has confirmed that it will be able to access the content of personal chats between Facebook Couples users and that these will not be encrypted.

How to activate Facebook Dating?

facebook dating how to enter

To activate Facebook Dating we will only have to open the Facebook app on both iOS and Android, open the menu where all the Facebook options appear and there we will find a heart-shaped logo that refers to Facebook Dating.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

To use the function, near simply couples within the main Facebook app on your mobile . When you open it, you need to create a profile for yourself and FB Dating itself will tell you which other of your contacts have registered at the service. The feature allows you to choose which people you want them to appear as potential “matches” and this service excludes people who are already your friends on Facebook.

You can also set filters like:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Height
  • School level
  • Interest or not for people with children

According to Facebook, which attacks the queen of Tinder, Facebook Dating it’s not about crawl in one way or another or having to wait for a chance to interact with someone you like. If you are interested in someone, you can leave a comment on their profile or give them a LIKE to make them interested. Will Facebook Dating Be Successful? Will Tinder continue to be the Celestine of online dating – and one night stand adventures -?

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