Find a place to swim with Swimply, the Airbnb for pool owners

Find a place to swim with Swimply, the Airbnb for pool owners

An app that has been dubbed “Airbnb for swimming pools” and allows people to rent pools by the hour exploded during the pandemic.

Swimply was founded in 2018 to allow customers to rent private pools, but has grown by 4,0000% over the past year. Its co-founder Bunim Laskin has declared to the Wall Street Journal that hourly rentals on the app have risen to more than 120,000 bookings in the past year, as the pandemic has closed many public swimming pools.

The app hosts around 13,000 pool owners across the country from Los Angeles to New York City. Prices on the app average between $ 35 and $ 50 per hour depending on the user’s location.

A swimming pool owner told the Journal that he expects to earn over $ 110,000 this year from renting his luxury swimming pool. App co-founder Asher Weinberger told the publication that pool owners earn an average of $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 a month, while the company takes a 15% reduction from hosts and imposes a 10% commission on guests.

How to find a swimming pool near you

To use Swimply’s services, a customer can register on the app or website using their email, Facebook or login email. Users must be over 21 to rent pool space.



Then a potential pool hopper can enter their location to find a nearby pool via the map view or list view on the site.

Each location ad works similar to an Airbnb listing and includes pictures of the property, listings of amenities like a barbecue or sound system, as well as host rules.

Weinberger told the Journal that many hosts choose to stay home during rentals to alleviate potential risks associated with or with property damage, especially for larger events like pool parties. The startup also offers host liability insurance that covers up to $ 1 million, as well as a property damage protection policy.

Swimply Map

Some locations also include additional services that can be added to your purchase, including alcohol and snacks.

Many pool owners rent the space to several groups in one day. The pools can also be rented in advance or even on the same day, depending on availability.

Swimming program

Other companies have also entered the pool rental business, including Peerspace, a marketplace for booking film production venues and event venues. The company offers thousands of places with pools at an hourly rate. Peerspace co-founder Matt Bendett told the Journal that the company has also seen a spike in interest in outdoor venues with swimming pools. Customers can also rent pool locations by the day through Airbnb and Vrbo.

Swimply’s popularity comes at the same time that costs for swimming pool chemicals like chlorine are rising after a fire last year at chlorine maker BioLabs spurred a nationwide shortage of the product.

Peerspace, Airbnb, and Vrbo did not immediately respond to a request for comment; Swimply reported their comments to those provided for the Journal article.

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