Fortnite China will close its servers on November 15th

Fortnite China will close its servers on November 15th

Fortnite players in China have had a very different experience with the game than their Western counterparts. V Bucks in-game currency could not be purchased, and challenges are only available for three hours a day to discourage longer gaming sessions. But that all changes on November 15th, as Fortnite China’s servers are shutting down.

“The ‘Fortress Night’ test has come to an end. We will shut down the server in the near future ”, yes reads in a short statement on the game’s website . New players will not be able to sign up for Fortnite, which is called Fortress Night in China, on November 1st. On November 15th, the server will be shut down.

“Thanks to everyone who got on the bus and took part in the ‘Fortnite’ test!”

Fortnite China’s closure comes in half of a month-long crackdown on Big Tech in the country . Over the past year, Chinese authorities have fined its tech titans billions of dollars, outlawed cryptocurrency services, and signed new data privacy rules. Video games have been hit hard. Children are banned from playing more than three hours a week, with state media calling video games “spiritual opium”.

The reasons why the Chinese version of the game was discarded are unclear. Epic Games was contacted for comment, but did not respond immediately. Fortnite launched in China in 2018, in a partnership between developer Epic Games and Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Even before the crackdown, Epic had to significantly tweak Fortnite to make it available to Chinese players. Following Chinese cultural norms, for example, all skulls have been removed from the game. There is also a major change in the gameplay: in the standard version, it is victory in the last person. In China, all surviving players “win” after 20 minutes. Perhaps more obvious is the message players get if they play more than 180 minutes a day:

“You have been playing for 3 hours, the experience rate has dropped by 50%, the challenges are disabled, for your health rest immediately, please also organize your studies / learning time.”

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