Free YouTube to MP3 Converter - Top 5 that Work

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter – Top 5 that Work

YouTube does not offer a way to convert music to MP3 although it should as it is arguably the most popular video engine on the Internet. We’ve seen many music creators go to YouTube to stream their content, but what is the best way to use a free Youtube to MP3 converter and make sure it works and doesn’t bother me?

It goes without saying that you, like millions of other users, may feel the need to save your favorite YouTube music set offline on your devices.

That’s why today we bring you the list of 5 best free YouTube to MP3 converters that you can use on any device! Tested and proven.

What to look for in a YouTube to MP3 converter?

A YouTube to MP3 converter works on the basic principle of video capture from YouTube and its conversion into an audio file.

A good converter should provide a high quality soundtrack, with download options at various bit rates. While this is just basic video conversion, some advanced features like a built-in audio trimmer to download only a certain part of the audio from the video file are great additions. Since MP3 is a widely supported audio format, it is recommended to use MP3 format audio files for better compatibility with any MP3 player.

In summary, a good YouTube to MP3 converter must:

  • Provide high quality output
  • Possibility of downloading at different bit-rates
  • Integrated audio trimmer
  • Possibility to download in .wav format

Why use online YouTube to MP3 converters?

Any YouTube video converter will need to retrieve data from YouTube servers for MP3 conversion and then require an internet connection. As this cannot be processed offline, it is best to use the web based services as they are easy to use and do not require any additional software to download to the system.

An online converter also gives you the luxury of using it on any Windows based system, macOS, mobile devices such as Android and iOS, etc.

Best free YouTube to MP3 converters

Here are some of the best free YouTube to MP3 converters available online to download MP3 files with good sound quality.

1. is a free MP3 conversion tool that you can use to extract audio from video files. The site has a simple user interface where you can paste the video link. It allows you to download MP3 files at various bit rates ranging from 64 kbps to the highest 320 kbps. The best part of this converter is the audio cutter. You can enter the start and end timestamps before the download and the converter will only download the audio for that particular time period. This will be useful if you are looking to extract audio from a long video or live stream. converts youtube videos to mp3

Main features: Offers various audio bit rates, 320 kbps supported, free audio trimmer included.


YouTubeToMP3music is another popular online service for converting your videos to MP3 files. It comes with a built-in search function where you can enter keywords to search YouTube videos directly. Here, while converting your video to audio in MP3 format, you can directly download 320kbps high quality sound from the drop down menu. In addition, the search bar comes with advanced features with the ability to search playlists directly, which it retrieves from YouTube.

youtube to mp3 converter

Main features: 320 kbps support, built-in YouTube search, clean interface.

3. is a simple but powerful tool to convert video to MP3 format. It is one of the fastest ways to quickly download good quality MP3 files from YouTube videos. So, for your favorite music videos that you need to download quickly before a party or travel, this is a great service for preparing your music files. All you have to do is paste the video URL into the search bar and hit Convert. gives you the option to download it directly or add it to DropBox. It also comes with a dark mode, so you don’t have any bright colors in your eyes while your favorite videos are in conversion.

youtube to mp3 converter

One of the drawbacks of this MP3 downloader is that it has too many advertisements. While this simple and simple YouTube converter offers a quick conversion process, sometimes the advertisements can get annoying.

Main features: Extremely simple to use, Dark mode, Save directly to DropBox, convert the next video while the current file is downloaded.

4. is another video to MP3 converter, but it comes with a good amount of advanced features. By pasting the YouTube video URL into the search box, the metadata of the video such as the name of the uploader, the number of videos and the upload date are provided. You can not only convert your videos to MP3 format, but also download video thumbnails to set as covers and create GIFs from your favorite music videos. It also offers advanced editing features such as start and end timestamps, to download a certain part of the video in audio format.

ontiva youtube to mp3 converter

The only problem with Ontiva is that you will need to register and create a free account on the website to unlock all advanced features like 320kbps download. However, account creation is free and you can choose a one-click sign up with your Google account for the same.

Main features: 320kbps high quality support, built-in audio cutter, thumbnail download.

5. is a powerful online conversion tool to convert your favorite YouTube content creators’ videos to MP3 format. What sets it apart from others is its support for various languages ​​which include English, Japanese, French, Filipino, Hindi and much more. The user interface is very beginner friendly, with a bar for pasting the YouTube video URL. This online tool has dizzying loading speed thanks to its simple user interface and supports 320 kbps downloads. The whole process will take less than a minute.

9convert tool

Main features: 320 kbps download, multi-language support.

6. YouTube Premium

This is the official way to store your favorite songs, but it will only work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The YouTube Premium service allows you to download songs in the YouTube Music application, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. While this doesn’t work on a laptop or desktop, it does allow for hassle-free storage of quality audio in storage spaces in phones.

Additionally, YouTube Premium also offers support for background playback of a variety of videos. So instead of converting your videos to MP3 files, you can choose to play them online on your mobile phone where the YouTube Music app will act as a regular MP3 player on all video formats.

Pro tip: You can use Google Play credits earned through Google Opinion Rewards to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Supported platforms: Android and iOS.

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What is the best free YouTube to MP3 converter?

With all its features and a simple interface taken into account, is in our opinion the best free YouTube to MP3 converter. The ability to download at high bit rates of 320 kbps for good quality audio tracks and a functional audio cutter to cut the audio clip even before downloading, make this amazing tool at the top of our list of tips for converting YouTube videos to MP3.

Also, you can use this service to directly download videos from YouTube in Full HD 1080p resolution. So this not only makes it a good converter, but a real online YouTube video downloader.

Frequently asked questions about YouTube to MP3 converters

Here are some frequently asked questions about YouTube to MP3 converters.

1. Is it illegal to download YouTube to MP3?

According to the YouTube Terms of Service, it is not legal to download content from YouTube, be it video or audio. However, to date, YouTube has never sued or sent legal notice to an individual for downloading video and audio from its platform. YouTube, however, does not encourage direct downloads from its library, which is why there is no official YouTube downloader from YouTube or Google to download videos.

Given the track record, YouTube won’t haunt you with a legal notice for downloading content that exists on it. However, the original creator and copyright owner of that particular video or audio could enter into a legal discussion with individual users to redistribute their copyrighted content elsewhere.

In short, as long as you keep the content downloaded from YouTube for your personal use and you don’t use them elsewhere without permission from the original creator, you are good to go with a green signal.

2. How to convert YouTube to MP3?

We have personally selected the best free YouTube to MP3 converters from the web and listed them above. To convert a YouTube video to MP3, copy the video URL to the clipboard. Then choose any converter from the list you like based on the features you need like file formats, high speed conversion, direct audio extraction, output formats, etc.

Now open the MP3 converter in your web browser. Paste the URL into the search bar and choose the desired audio quality to download the MP3 file. These converters are free and require no video editing software. Once the download is complete, you can enjoy your music file on any system.

3. Are YouTube to MP3 converters safe to use?

YouTube to MP3 converters are safe to use on a personal level from a legal standpoint of things. When it comes to viruses, malware and other unwanted things that can enter your system with MP3 file, there is a slight risk. This is not due to using a converter, but downloading any file from the web carries the risk of unwanted spam on the system when it comes to third party services.

Mobile devices like Android and iOS are relatively safer in this respect, so you can choose to download the file to your mobile device first and then transfer it to your laptop / PC. While this does not completely rule out the possibility of viruses entering your system, it is recommended that you use an antivirus on your system to protect yourself from people in dark hats.

4. How do I download MP3s from a YouTube URL?

The best way to download the MP3 audio version of a YouTube video from its URL is to copy and paste the URL into one of the services mentioned above. The methods mentioned here are tried and tested; so it is recommended to use them to get the best results for converting videos.

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