Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog’s Face

Google has been desperate to make Meet as popular and fun to use as the segment leader, Zoom. With the introduction of free video calling for all Gmail users, Google has already made Meet much more accessible by pairing Zoom punch for punch. Now, the Californian giant is looking to make Meet a lot more fun for personal video calling.

Today we will take a look at the new filters introduced in Google Meet, we will explain how you could use them during a Meet call.

What are the prerequisites for the new filters?

Google Meet is now one of the most important products for Google, and the latest update, which introduces new styles, filters and more, suggests Google’s intention to make Meet the only video conferencing app in its lineup. Many of the new filters, including animal faces, were imported from Google Duo, which until then was the only Google video conferencing app that supported filters. You can update the Google Meet app on your device by going to

As is the case with Google Duo, filters on Google Meet are only available on its Android and iOS apps. The web client is not currently supported. Also, you can only use filters if you sign in to Google Meet from your personal Gmail account. The Gmail account associated with your workplace or school will not allow you to use filters during video calls.

How to get animal faces in Google Meet

Using the new filters in Meet is pretty straightforward, and you get an abundance of options to choose from. You can access the feature when you join or create a meeting with someone using your personal Gmail account.

Once you enter the meeting screen with the permissions given to the camera, you need to make sure the camera is enabled. If you entered the meeting with the camera disabled, the new Effects option will not be available.

To access the new Google Meet effects, tap the Effects button (the one marked with three stars) at the bottom right of your camera preview.

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

You will now be directed to the “Effects” screen where you can make your video calls more fun.

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

Within “Effects”, you will see five options: “No Effects”, “Blur”, “Backgrounds”, “Styles” and “Filters”. Since we’re dealing with animal faces here, scroll right until you reach the “Filters” option at the bottom.

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

When you land on “Filters”, you will have loads of options to choose from such as a cat, a dog, a purple elephant, a fish, a toad, an alligator and many more.

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

Select the effect you want to apply on the face by simply touching it. You can apply different filters by tapping them and once you’ve selected the one you like best, you can tap the “X” icon at the bottom to close the “Effects” overlay.

You will now return to the main meeting screen and everyone will be able to see you with your new avatar. You can also see the effect applied inside your thumbnail on the meeting screen.

How to remove an animal’s face in Google Meet

Removing a filter is nothing too complicated in Google Meet. If you selected a filter during the meeting but now want to disable it, you can do so by first tapping the Effects button within the camera preview at the bottom right of the screen.

You will now be directed to the “Effects” screen from where you previously applied the filter. To disable the filter, tap the “No effect” tab at the bottom and then select the Cancel icon (the one with a circle stuck diagonally).

The selected filter will now be removed. You can now return to the meeting screen by tapping the “X” icon within the effects overlay.

Google Meet: How to Turn Your Face into a Dog's Face

That’s all!

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