Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

Google’s top-of-the-line video calling solution, Meet, is one of the most popular video conferencing applications around. It started slowly, as it was only available to premium GSuite users. However, over time, the service has been made available to non-premium users – that is, users who only have access to a basic Gmail account.

Connecting to meetings is as simple as you’d expect. You can receive email invitations, connect via Google Calendar, and even via meeting codes. Today we’ll take a closer look at meeting codes and explain all the ways you can join a Google Meet meeting with a meeting code.

What does Meeting Code mean in Google Meet?

Meeting codes in Google Meet are meeting identifiers, which are used to call and interact with the meetings they are associated with. Each meeting code is unique, which means that no two meetings have the same meeting code.

How long do the meeting codes last in Google Meet?

The meeting codes in Google Meet are all made up of 10 letters, divided into three parts: three in front, four in the center, and three behind. The sections are divided with dashes. It is not necessary to enter hyphens when entering a meeting code.

How does the meeting code work?

When you enter the ten-letter meeting code, you are taken directly to the meeting that the code is linked to. After the organizer approves, you will be able to join and join the Google Meet meeting.

How to identify the Reunion Code?

While it might seem like it, the meeting code is not provided to each user separately. They are integrated into the meeting link itself.

The section after the Google Meet URL,, is the link to the meeting. For example, in this URL – – “xxx-yyyy-zzz” is the meeting code.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

If you are in a meeting, you will find the meeting code at the bottom left of the screen. Distribute it and ask potential attendees to use the code to connect to the meeting.

How to join a Google Meet meeting with the meeting code

If you don’t want to use the invitation link or are unable to upload it for some reason, you can simply use the unique meeting code to join the meeting. Below, we’ll look at how you can do this on your computer and mobile device.

Method No. 01: on your computer (web)

Since Google Meet doesn’t have a desktop client like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to use the web client to connect to a meeting. On Google Chrome – others are also supported but not recommended – go to .

Now, on the left of the screen, you will find the “New meeting” button. A text field appears next to it. Here you will need to enter the ten letter meeting code. You can choose to skip the dashes if you feel like it and enter the letter yourself. Finally, hit “Join” and wait for the host to approve.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

Note that there is no room for error here.

Method No. 02: on the Meet mobile app

Google Meet has dedicated applications for both Android and iOS devices. So no matter what operating system you’re on, you can connect to a meeting with a couple of taps. First, launch the Google Meet app. On the landing page, at the top, you will find the “Join with a code” option.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

This section here refers to the Reunion Code that we learned to retrieve throughout the article. Tap that button and enter the 10-letter code, no dashes, if you like. When done, tap “Join” in the top right corner. Wait for the host to approve your request.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

Method # 03: on mobile (on the web)

Alternatively, if you don’t have the Google Meet app, you can use the Google Chrome browser on your mobile to access the Google Meet website . Make sure you load the desktop site for this procedure. Otherwise, the website would only redirect you to the Google Meet Play Store page for app download. To load the desktop site, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select the “Desktop site” option.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

Then, go to and enter the 10 letter code right next to the “New Meeting” button. Tap “Join” when done.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

You’ll be able to join the meeting when the meeting organizer lets you in.

Can you join a meeting from your calendar using the meeting code?

If you have a meeting scheduled in the Google Calendar app, you will be able to see the join link attached to the date. To join the meeting, simply click on the link and then wait for the organizer to let you in. You don’t need to enter the meeting code when joining via Google Calendar.

Why is the Google Meet code not working?

Well, if you get one letter wrong, you won’t be able to attend the meeting.

Google Meet: how to use the subscription code

So make sure that the code you entered is correct, also paying attention to lowercase and uppercase letters.

That said, Google Meet codes do expire, but that only happens after a 365-day period, so it’s very unlikely you’re using an expired code.

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