Google services are making a comeback in Huawei's former sub-brand

Google services are making a comeback in Huawei’s former sub-brand

Huawei’s sacrifice of the Honor sub-brand seems to have paid off for the latter. Honor phones, starting with the Honor 50 series, will once again come with Google apps and services.

Honor Germany confirmed the information on Twitter . In response to a question about his tweet on the next phone Snapdragon 778 , the company made it clear that the device will bring the Google service. He also confirmed that the phone will keep the Magic UI on top with some new features.

The Honor 50 would be the company’s first phone to launch with Google services since the US imposed severe penalties to Huawei in May 2019. Rising losses and declining growth in its smartphone business due to a lack of Google apps forced Huawei to sell Honor to a consortium of Chinese companies.

As a new independent brand, Honor has focused on the restoration of partnerships with Qualcomm, Intel and many other tech companies. Google was one of the biggest missing pieces in the company’s arsenal and it looks like it won’t be an issue anymore.

With devices like Honor 50 and the Snapdragon 888 flagship recently mockery , Honor may be looking to make a grand entrance into the European and Asian markets, where it once held a decent market position. It’s too early to say whether the company will once again be able to compete with other Chinese smartphone OEMs that have long outpaced it in terms of growth. However, the return of Google’s services is certainly welcome news for the brand and its followers.

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