Google will close Google Bookmarks on September 30, 2021 - here's what to know

Google will close Google Bookmarks on September 30, 2021 – here’s what to know

After 16 years of service, Google is about to shut down a little-known service. On September 30, 2021, “Google Bookmarks” will be closed for all users.

The announcement was quiet enough, but how was it noticed this week, a banner now appears on Google Bookmarks explaining that the service “will no longer be supported” by the end of the year. Google will stop logging in after September 30, 2021.

After September 30, 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported. To save your bookmarks, click “Export Bookmarks”.

This comes as no surprise, actually, as Bookmarks is a service that many Google users have probably never even interacted with. The service has been around for 16 years at this point, and despite the name, it has nothing to do with bookmarks saved in Google Chrome. The service has been used by some third-party apps and as a cross-device bookmarking tool by some .

Although Bookmarks is not a widely used service by most people, its closure could have an effect on a much larger serve. We have noticed that the “Special” locations in Google Maps are stored within Google Bookmarks and, as far as we know, these two services still synchronize. This means that “Special” locations could end up being eliminated as October 1st approaches.

Update: Google has confirmed that the special locations will not be eliminated when Bookmarks close this fall.

Special locations in Google Maps won’t go anywhere. All of your special places remain intact and you will still be able to save the places to a list just like you always have.

We contacted Google for clarification on this point, but there are easy solutions here. For one, you can easily change the list that Maps saves these locations in, only the “Starred” list syncs with your bookmarks. Alternatively, you can go on and click “Export Bookmarks” to get a copy of your data.

This article will be updated when Google provides clarification on the closure.

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