GTA Online: Here are the best clubs to buy

GTA Online: Here are the best clubs to buy

Before you start getting rich with warehouse management at the nightclub and learning what are the best assets to assign to the warehouse technicians, you will need to decide on the best nightclub to buy.

You can purchase night clubs from Maze Bank Foreclosures, using the Internet app on your smartphone. There are 9 night clubs available for purchase. They are:

  • Downtown Vinewood Nightclub: GTA $ 1,670,000
  • West Vinewood Nightclub: GTA $ 1,700,000
  • Mission Row Nightclub: GTA $ 1,440,000
  • Strawberry Nightclub: GTA $ 1,525,000
  • Del Perro Nightclub: GTA $ 1,645.00
  • Vespucci Canals Disco: GTA $ 1,320,000
  • La Mesa Nightclub: GTA $ 1,500,000
  • Cypress Flats Nightclub: GTA $ 1,370,000
  • Isola Elisi Nightclub: GTA $ 1,080,000

Nightclubs further north, such as Downtown Vinewood Nightclub and West Vinewood Nightclub, are generally considered the best, as when selling goods you will generally head north, so their location will save you time. Remember, if you need funds, you can find out how to make money via the link.

GTA Online: Best Nightclub To Buy Guide 3

There are a number of renovations you can purchase when shopping for your nightclub. Many of these are cosmetics, so you should only spend them if you feel flushed or really want them. However, if you’re planning on making money off nightclub warehouse management, you’ll want to pay for the extra four floors of your warehouse. This will provide your employees with much more room to passively process the product for you, allowing you to earn larger salaries in the long run.

GTA Online: how to improve the popularity of your club

GTA Online: Best Nightclub To Buy Guide 4

Once you own a nightclub, set up a waypoint and complete the introductory activities. Once your nightclub is set up, you will have access to the club’s office where you can use your computer to manage it. You will need to know how to become a CEO to manage your nightclub. Alternatively, you can learn how to become a motorcycle club president as this also gives you access to the Nightclub Management app.

GTA Online: Best Nightclub To Buy Guide 6

After logging into your computer in the nightclub office, select Nightclub Management to get an overview of the popularity of your nightclub. The higher your club popularity, the more money you will passively earn while playing GTA Online. This money will be added to the safe in your nightclub office. The popularity of the night club will decrease over time, but you can select the Promote Club option to start missions that will keep it.

If you have full nightclub popularity, you will passively earn GTA $ 10,000 per day of play (around 45 minutes in real time) which is a decent bonus, but not necessarily worth your time completing missions and managing it.

GTA Online: Best Nightclub To Buy Guide 7

Alternatively, you can book a new resident DJ to play at your nightclub to automatically fill the venue’s popularity bar. This costs GTA $ 100,000 the first time (and GTA $ 10,000 thereafter), so it’s not necessarily affordable, even if the missions are fun and worth doing at least once.

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