Hawkeye has reached the end: what's in the post-credits scene?

Hawkeye has reached the end: what’s in the post-credits scene?

It’s an ancient tradition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once a movie or show has aired in its entirety, there are always a little sting or two after the credits that continue to expand the canon and inspire us for the next project.

When it comes to Eye from Falcon , there’s definitely a post-credits scene to do, but it’s not like anything that has come before.

Hawkeye is a six-part miniseries that follows archery Avenger Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as he reluctantly faces off against protégé Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). While Clint tries to clean up his past as a vigilante during the Blip, Kate investigates a murder linked to her mother’s girlfriend Eleanor (Vera Farmiga). Since the series closes it all with a nice Christmas bow, what happens at the end of the series? And most importantly, what happens in the post-credits scene?

The ‘Hawkeye’ credits scene, explained.

Hawkeye has accomplished more than fans expected during its six-week run. Not only has he finally put the spotlight on Clint Barton since his debut 10 years ago in Thor , but it was also technically the first MCU story to officially bring Marvel Netflix characters into the larger canon with the appearance of Wilson Fisk. Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio). In six episodes, he was able to present a refreshingly contained Christmas story as he continued to expand the universe.

Eventually, Clint is able to put his Ronin past aside and reconcile with Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), who originally planned to kill him to avenge his sister. Kate also makes the difficult decision to have her mother arrested for the murder of a wealthy tycoon and to partner with Fisk throughout her career. Although Fisk’s ultimate fate is somewhat ambiguous, Clint and Kate manage to save the day. And Clint also returns home to his family in time for Christmas.

But for all that Hawkeye has made to expand the MCU, any good Marvel fan will probably be wondering what happens during the post-credits scene. Did Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) deliver another cryptic message? Are other Marvel Netflix characters making an appearance? Did Spider-Man show up in the New York planes base in the end?

Unfortunately, it was none of the above. Though wax an extra scene during the credits is not quite what fans might have expected. Between the outro animation sequence and the end credits roll is a message that says “Happy Holidays from Marvel Studios,” followed by a full number of songs and dances from the universe musical, Rogers: The Musical .

musical hawk eye

The fictional musical depicts the Chitauri attack on New York City, where the Avengers first appeared as a team. The ironic musical features an issue titled “I Could Do This All Day,” a slogan often used by Steve Rogers / Captain America (Chris Evans) during the films of Captain America . The song is briefly introduced in the first episode of Eye from Falcon, but is presented in its entirety at the end of the series. There are no other scenes after.

As much as Marvel Studios likes to make fun of its upcoming movies and movies, they’ve been playing other stuff close to the chest lately. Avengers: Endgame is It was the first MCU film in 11 years not to feature mid-credits or post-credits. The secret ending of the series Loki has only announced a second season rather than physically showing something. And now, Hawk eye it is the latest entry that does not bode well for the future, but it is also the first to present a musical at the end!

The series opened up the universe more than anyone expected, but it was nice to see Clint Barton have a sweet, self-contained story amidst other groundbreaking events across the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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