"Hawkeye" made Thanos' snap even more traumatic

“Hawkeye” made Thanos’ snap even more traumatic

Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War is arguably the single most consequential event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Removing half of the living universe in one fell swoop amounts to loss of life on a scale we barely have numbers to quantify. Hence, all those left behind faced impossible trauma. When Bruce Banner brought everyone back five years later, everyone in every world had changed forever. The consequences of both snappening and non-snapping are simply a part of the MCU’s narrative trick from here on out.

It didn’t take long in Phase 4 for the MCU to show the consequences of the snap from a layman’s point of view. L’ episode 4 of WandaVision has shown the chaotic return of Monica Rambeau from being absent for five years as a barely staggered reverse dusting that brought billions back to reality at roughly the same time. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , the doubled world population puts emphasis on the geopolitical structures that emerged in the five-year gap to manage the blip in the first place, leading to further inequalities and extremism. However, it was only Hawkeye that the MCU showed what it was actually like to be reported for those who went missing. And the truth is horrible.

L’ episode 5 of Hawkeye opens with the story of Yelena Belova’s blipping. Shortly after the events of Black Widow Yelena is successfully working on her mission for free the remaining Black Widow agents from the chemical control of the Red Room. After that, her plan is to move to New York with her sister, Natasha, and finally have a family again. A few minutes later, Thanos snaps somewhere in Wakanda. Yelena beats. When she returns, her first thought is to find Natasha, who the audience knows is already dead.

The horrifying reality is that those who have blipped in reality not they heard nothing . One moment Yelena was in a bathroom, and the next the bathroom walls were a different color as five years went by in an instant. There was no pain, no time to analyze what that strange dust was, and there was no feeling of disappearing with the urge to say goodbye. According to the blipped, they remained in place as the world around them changed in confusing and impossible ways. By the time they realized something was wrong, they had already lost five years of their life.

Monica was sleeping when she got a beep. From her point of view, she took a nap and had a Rip van Winkle awakening five years later. This somehow seems kinder to those who were conscious during the time shift, who didn’t even have the benefit of experiencing a transition between their lives in 2018 and the new reality of 2023.

Of course, both Monica and Yelena quickly discover that the only person they have to contact upon their return is dead. Thus, the result of their slightly different but still traumatic circumstances is the same. Multiply what they went through by literal billions of life forms in an entire universe and the full effect of Thanos’ snap becomes even more inconceivable than it first seemed. Put the whole MCU in therapy.

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