How does Bumble work for men? Here's how chats differ for men, women, and non-binary users

How does Bumble work for men? Here’s how chats differ for men, women, and non-binary users

Bumble is a popular dating app that works in a similar way to apps like Tinder – you are presented with photos of other people on the app, then swipe right on the people you care about or swipe left to skip them.

How Bumble chats for men work

However, for men, there is a big difference: if you’re a man matched with a woman, you can’t text her first. Instead, the woman has to send the first message. In a same-sex match, however, both people can start a conversation.

How Bumble’s Matching Algorithm Works

Bumble doesn’t post much about how its algorithm works, but it’s clear it doesn’t learn your preferences for customizing the profiles it shows you based on past swipes or matches.

Instead, the app prioritizes profiles that have received a lot of right swipes, and will try to show people who swiped directly at you to make it easier to discover potential matches.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t swipe right on a large number of profiles in a short period of time. It indicates that you are insincere or a bot and the app will make it harder for other users to discover you.

Bumble matches are never one-sided – both people must swipe right over each other for a match to occur. Only after two people can they start a conversation.

How bumble works for men 1
If you and the other person both swipe to the right, you are a couple.

How Bumble matches work on the conversation page

Once you’ve created a match – both you and the other person have swiped each other – it appears at the top of your Conversations page (which you can find by tapping the chat icon at the bottom right of the Bumble screen).

The top of the page is the game queue, which shows your games and, if you’ve upgraded to Bumble Premium, your “Beeline”. Ordinary matches have a yellow circle, while the Beeline is contained in a green circle.

The Beeline is a list of profiles that have swiped your finger but you haven’t yet. This obviously makes it easier to find a match. To see potential games on your Beeline, you need to upgrade to Bumble Premium, which you can do on a weekly basis or for longer subscription periods.

How bumble works for men 2
Men will have to wait for women to start a chat.

As matches normally expire after 24 hours, Bumble shows each match countdown by blurring the circle and arranging the expiring matches first on the left.

Again, the men on Bumble can’t start a conversation in a heterosexual match; the woman must send the initial message. Non-binary users and users in same-sex games can also send the first message.

But once both parties send a message, the 24-hour timer disappears and there is no time limit on how the conversation proceeds.

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