Quanto tempo deve pagare un acquirente su eBay?

How long does a buyer have to pay on eBay?

Congratulations on your newly purchased eBay item. Whether you won the item in an auction or bought it directly via the “Buy It Now” button, it’s time to pay.

eBay clearly states on its site that “Members must pay for items they win or buy on eBay within two days of the commitment to purchase.”

To make sure you stick to that window, buyers should always make a note of the terms the seller enters into, including the cost of shipping and handling, before making a purchase. eBay notes that “offers can only be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances.”

If the buyer does not pay or contact the seller during that window, a seller can open an unpaid item dispute in the Resolution Center.

How to handle unpaid item disputes on eBay

1. If a buyer has not paid within four days of opening an unpaid item dispute, the seller can choose to close it. This activates the option for the buyer to receive a commission credit from eBay. If the buyer does not mark the dispute as closed within 36 days, eBay will automatically close it, but the buyer will not be entitled to credit the commission. If the buyer relists the item, they may be entitled to a refund of the listing fee.

2. Buyers can appeal an unpaid item case if they believe it was falsely reported. Unpaid items are tracked on the buyer’s account and too many canceled transactions can result in the loss or limitation of eBay privileges.

3. I sellers should not falsely report unpaid items, as the consequences include: suspension; a reversal of credits for the period in question; and a loss of ability to use the final value commission credit system.

4. eBay will automatically remove feedback from a buyer who hasn’t paid. Feedback will also be removed if the buyer is suspended or if the buyer’s communication in the Resolution Center “undermines the purpose of the unpaid item procedures and feedback system.”

Please note that if eBay takes action against an account, any fees paid or payable to that account will not be refunded or credited.

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