How to add line breaks on Instagram

How to add line breaks on Instagram

Many people like to use line breaks, carriage returns, or paragraph spaces to break up captions. Here are some of the ways you can add them.

Tip No. 1: use symbols and emojis

  1. Type the caption for the photo
  2. Use periods and dashes to create line breaks.
  3. You can also use emojis as bullets, and these characters will act as line spaces.

If you use this method, the line break will be visible in the caption.

Tip No. 2: add invisible line breaks if you are on the phone

  1. Write the caption in the Notes app
  2. Press the “Return” button to add a space.
  3. Copy and paste these brackets [] where line breaks should appear
    How to add line breaks on Instagram
  4. Remove the brackets but not the space between them.
    How to add line breaks on Instagram
  5. Copy and paste the entire caption to Instagram.

Tip No. 3: write your subtitles in Schedugram

When working in Schedugram, you can write the caption with line breaks and it should be published as long as you need to make sure you don’t use spaces between lines but press “Enter” when adding a new line.

Alternatively, you can also write the caption in any Notes app and then copy / paste it into Schedugram without adding spaces or further changes. This should publish the caption with the line breaks included.


  • Make sure you eliminate any extra spaces between paragraphs.
  • Do not add extra space after the period or the last word in the paragraph. In that case, the line breaks will not be displayed.
  • Just hit the “Return” button to add line breaks
  • Make sure you don’t use emojis before or after breakpoints, e.g. include emojis in sentences but not before / after

Unfortunately Instagram has full control over how subtitles are displayed. We can’t change it! We type in the caption box everything you have entered, so if the line breaks “stick” it will be due to the rules of Instagram

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