How to add widgets on an Android device

How to add widgets on an Android device

For Android users, widgets are a great way to add customization to your home screen to suit your needs.

The feature offers conveniences like app shortcuts, top notifications, and easy-to-digest snapshots of information that are continuously updated throughout the day. Some can even be resized to show more or less data, depending on what you want to see from the app.

With a few simple steps, you can add widgets on Android to start customizing your device’s home screen. That’s how.

How to add widgets on an Android

2. A window will appear. Tap “Widgets”.

add widget

3. A menu will appear showing all the widgets available based on the apps downloaded to your phone.

4. Firmly press on the widget you want to add. You will then be taken back to the main screen where you can drag the widget to locate a spot for it. Once you’ve found a desirable space, release the widget by letting go of your finger from the screen.

How to resize a widget on the Android home screen

1. For resizable widgets, press firmly on the widget on the home screen.

2. A white box with circular adjustment indicators will appear around the widget. Slide them in or out to make the widget smaller or larger respectively.

resize widgets

3. Al finished, tap a space outside the widget to finish resizing and lock it in place.

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