How to add Zoom to your Outlook account

How to add Zoom to your Outlook account

With more and more students forced to take video lessons from home, you may have heard of the smart video conferencing app called Zoom.

Zoom allows you to remotely chat with others via video, phone and text chat. Many organizations also use Zoom to conduct meetings and webinars that connect people in multiple time zones and countries.

Zoom might seem intimidating to learn at first, but adding it to your Outlook email is a simple first step. Here’s how to add Zoom to Outlook so you can start video conferencing with everyone you know.

How to add Zoom to Outlook

1. To add Zoom to your Outlook email client, you need to download the Zoom add-in. This is available for free in the Microsoft App Store. Just click this link and then click the blue “GET NOW” button.

2. Enter your Outlook account information and click “Sign In”.

3. Click “Continue”.

4. Your Outlook email client will open in your Internet browser. Click the “Install” button.

5. Click “OK”.

You have successfully added the Zoom extension to your Outlook account. You can now use the Zoom add-on in your messages to schedule meetings and start video conferences with friends, colleagues, and more.

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