How to automate Christmas lights with Alexa

How to automate Christmas lights with Alexa

With the new smart speakers powered by Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, automation of daily tasks is taking over. If you have an Alexa-enabled speaker, like Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speakers, you no longer need to turn on holiday lights every night. Yes, Alexa can do this for you every day and can even help you save energy by automatically turning it off every night.

If you’re wondering how this can happen, let’s follow the steps to automate Christmas lighting to save tons of time and energy every day.

What do you need to automate Christmas lights?

You must already be equipped with loads of smart home accessories if you already have an Alexa speaker. But for Christmas lighting specifically, you may need a bunch of other accessories that are quite cheaper anyway.

First of all, you should make sure you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker, i.e. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or so. This way we will automate the Christmas lights in your home.

Now it’s time to grab some Alexa-supported lights, bulbs, and wall outlets. These can connect to Alexa over WiFi, and your smart home speaker can automatically control them within the scheduled time. If you have absolutely no idea what kind of accessories or lights you should get to automate this year’s Christmas, here are a few.

  • Amazon Echo / Echo Dot speaker
  • Globe string lights changing color
  • RGB LED string lights
  • Smart plugs for indoors
  • Mr. Christmas – Smart Christmas tree
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Smart plugs for outdoors

While you can connect string lights and smart bulbs directly to the Alexa app, your old lights need some automation as well. That’s why we have smart plugs on the list. You need to connect the plug to the Alexa app and you can control the plug through it. You know the drill, just plug your old dumb Christmas light into this socket and they get smart too. Check out our guide to linking smart lights to Alexa in case you’re confused.

Wherever you’ve plugged in your smart bulbs for Christmas, you should make sure you have enough WiFi coverage in those areas. If not, it’s time to upgrade your home WiFi to mesh WiFi routers.

Automatically turn on the Christmas lights using Alexa

Once you’ve set all the lights in their positions, you can go to the Alexa app on your phone and start setting up automation. Below is the step by step guide to enable automation for all the lights in your smart home for this year’s Christmas.

Open the app Amazon Alexa on your phone and go to the tab More in low.

Alexa app More options

Select Routine from the screen.

Amazon Alexa routine

Touch the button ” + ”In the upper right corner to create a new Alexa routine. Routines are the automation commands for Alexa through which your lights will automatically turn on every day.

Create a new routine in Alexa

Select the option ” Enter procedure name ”And set a name.

Enter the name of the routine in Alexa

For example, I gave this routine the name ” Christmas lights on “.

Enter Christmas lights on routine name on Alexa

Touch ” After you “And then select the option” When that happens “.

When this happens Option in Alexa's new routine

You choose ” Program ”From the next screen.

Set the schedule as a trigger in the Amazon Alexa routine

You will see three options on the screen. To avoid confusion, we can set the Christmas lights to activate during sunset. So, choose Sunset on the screen.

Sunset schedule in Alexa's routine

You can also set the time of offset to activate the actions a few minutes before or after sunset. Choose one position and select i recurring days then tap After you .

Set the sunset schedule for the Alexa automation trigger

Now that you’ve set the stage for the routine, you can add actions to take when it’s sunset in your home. For this, select the option ” Add action ”From the following screen.

Add an action for the routine in Alexa

Select Smart Home from the next screen.

Smart Home Actions in Alexa Routine

Now you can choose individual devices like smart bulbs , string lights and individual plugs. Or, you can select any control group if you have created a group exclusively for your holiday lights.

Select the lights for Christmas light automation in Alexa

Select yours devices and touch After you .

Select the option ” Power “And set it to” Hon ”From the next screen. If your smart bulbs and string lights support color change or brightness controls, you can set them too. Now touch After you .

Set the Christmas light to On in the Alexa routine

Once done, you will be returned to the Edit Routine screen. In case you want to add more actions or light activation, tap the option ” Add action ”And keep adding as many smart devices as you want.

Bonus tip:

If you want to play some Christmas music at sunset, tap Add action> Music and podcasts> insert ” Christmas songs ”> Next . Once done, your Echo speaker will play Christmas music in addition to turning on the Christmas lights every night.

Automatic switching off of Christmas lights

You shouldn’t forget to turn off the Christmas lights in the morning. Otherwise, you will be greeted with an unusual bill in the new year. Just as Alexa can help you turn on the Christmas lights in the evening, she can turn them off when she comes in the morning without even bothering you. Since you’ve seen how to create a routine on Amazon Alexa, I won’t go into detail. Anyway, let’s see how to automatically turn off the Christmas lights at dawn every day.

To create a routine for Alexa, go to the tab Other from the Amazon Alexa App, tap Routine and select the button ” + ” up.

Now select the option ” Enter procedure name “And give it a name like” Christmas lights off “.

Christmas lights routinely off on Alexa

Touch ” After you “And then select the option” When that happens “.

Select Program and then Options Sunrise from the following screens.

Sunrise schedule for Alexa routine

After setting the repeat data and offset times, tap After you .

Now tap on the option ” Add action “.

Select ” Smart Home ”And then choose your smart lights.

Select ” Power “And set it to” Off “, Then tap After you .

Alexa's light bulb turns off automatically in routine action

That’s all. You can set each smart bulb or socket to turn off in the same routine to automatically turn off at dawn. You will save a lot of energy every day by automating the Christmas lights.

Automate your Christmas lights without Smart Home devices

When you have an Alexa-enabled speaker or Google Assistant, it becomes easier to set up automation for your home’s lights, including Christmas lights. In case you don’t like smart home setups and smart speakers, there are a few tricks you could use to automate your Christmas lights at night.

The best method might be to use the sockets with mechanical timers . No programming and no WiFi involved. You can simply turn the knob in these sockets to set the duration and the switch will turn off after the time limit. Most outlet timers allow you to set up to 24 hours so you can set your lights to turn on or off by setting any duration.

You can also search timer outputs digital programmables that also do the same thing. The only difference is that you can set the timer using the buttons provided and the digital display.

Automating Christmas lights with smart speakers and timer sockets is especially useful when you’re going out for a couple of days but still want the lights to turn on and off on time. Hope you now have a clearer idea about automating Christmas lights for this year.

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