How to be “verified” on Tinder by taking selfies to prove that you are a real user

How to be “verified” on Tinder by taking selfies to prove that you are a real user

Being verified on Tinder is not the same as being verified on Twitter or Facebook. On those sites, a blue check mark shows that you are an important public figure – on Tinder, a blue check mark only proves that you are a real person.

But that doesn’t make it any less important. Dating apps like Tinder can be full of “cat fishers,” users who use fake profiles and photos to fool potential dates. Verification shows others that you are who you say you are, even if you are a regular Joe Schmoe.

Fortunately, verification on Tinder only takes a few moments, although you should be ready to snap a few selfies. Once verified, the blue check mark will appear next to your name whenever someone sees your profile.

How to get verified on Tinder

This process is more or less the same in both the Tinder app and the Tinder website.

1. Open Tinder and sign in, then go to your profile page by clicking or tapping your profile icon in the upper left corner.

2. Click or tap the gray check mark next to your name, then select After you or Continues .

3. You will be shown a series of images, which show models making weird facial expressions or poses. Using your phone or computer camera, take pictures of yourself while doing those poses or expressions.

After you submit your photos, Tinder will tell you that your verification is “under review”.

Image processing should only take a few minutes. When finished, you will receive an email telling you that you are verified or asking you to take the photos again.

And if you are accepted, that green clock will disappear and a blue check mark will appear in its place. This same check mark will appear next to your name almost everywhere it appears on the app.

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