How to cancel a "Best Offer" on eBay

How to cancel a “Best Offer” on eBay

You can negotiate the price of an item on eBay by submitting a “Best Offer” for items that allow it.

When you submit a better offer, you enter into a binding agreement to pay for the item at the agreed rate if it is accepted by the seller.

Best eBay offers automatically expire after 48 hours if the seller does not accept and the seller can reject or object to your offer during this period.

You can also cancel your bid within these 48 hours if you entered the wrong amount, if the item description has changed since your bid was sent, or if the seller does not respond to your requests.

If the reason for cancellation falls into one of these three categories, you are ready to request cancellation of your offer.

Here’s how to do it.

How to cancel an eBay bid

1. Go to My eBay and select Go To Offers / Offers from the drop-down menu.


2. From the Best Deals section, click the button View offer details .


3. A pop-up window will load when you get to the offer details page. Click on the link Collect your offer which is under the offer total, which will take you to the best offer cancellation form.


4. From the best offer cancellation form, click continues to start the cancellation process. Enter the item number in the field provided if it is not pre-filled. click on continues .


5. Select a reason for cancellation from the drop-down menu provided. You can choose one of three options. Click the button Cancel offer to save your selection and cancel your best eBay bid.


Canceling an eBay Best Offer involves no cancellation fees or penalties for the buyer or seller.

However, it does count against the total number of offers per item a buyer can submit, which can vary. Some items may also not be eligible for offer cancellation.

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