How to cancel an eBay order

How to cancel an eBay order

Not sure if you want more of an item you bought on eBay? Unfortunately, eBay doesn’t make canceling a purchase the easiest thing in the world to do. Canceling an order for something you bought directly on eBay is quite complicated, and if you bought an item on eBay by winning it at an auction, it’s even more difficult (although this is more for legal than technical reasons).

When can you cancel an eBay order?

You can attempt to cancel an eBay order within 30 days of purchase if you are unable to complete the sale, either as a buyer or as a seller. You must contact the other party via the eBay website and ask them to accept your cancellation. In most cases, if the cancellation is accepted, you will receive a full refund.

To cancel an eBay order:

  1. Find the seller and click Contacts .
  2. Click “Select a topic”, “Other”, “No, I want to contact the seller” and continues .
  3. Type a message and click Send .
  4. Confirm your cancellation by clicking Answer now in an email.
  5. Click “I accept the seller’s request to cancel this transaction,” then click Send reply .

Was it too fast for you? If you’d like a more detailed set of instructions, be sure to read below where we explain the process step by step (with pictures)!

Detailed instructions for canceling an eBay order

1. Visit in your favorite web browser and log into your account.

Go up . For this tutorial, we’ll be using Google Chrome, but any web browser you prefer will do.

Visit the eBay website in your web browser

2. Locate the seller.

Find the store or user you purchased the item from and click on it to view its details.

Find the eBay seller

3. Contact the seller.

In the upper right corner of the user’s profile, click Contact .

Contact the eBay seller

4. Choose a topic for your message.

Click the “More” button under “Select a topic”. At the bottom of the screen, click the button next to “No, I want to contact the seller” (if there are answers to the questions in this category) and then click Continues .

Send a message to the eBay seller

(TIP: You can also go to the next step by moving the mouse cursor over the my eBay in the upper right corner, by clicking Purchase history then clicking Other actions and therefore Cancel article under the article you want to cancel, then click on Contact the seller in the new screen that opens).

5. Send a message to the seller.

On the next screen, click in the “Enter a topic” box and type “You need to cancel your purchase” or something to that effect. Then click in the box labeled “Hello [nome utente del venditore]”And type in some details about why you have decided to cancel the purchase. Then click in the box next to the distorted image and type the numbers you see; this is a security check to prevent computer programs from automatically sending fake emails to people. When done, click Send .

EBay seller's contact form

6. Wait for a response from the seller.

You should get a response within a day or two. Move the mouse cursor over The my eBay and click Messages .

EBay messages

7. Respond to the seller’s reply.

If the seller has agreed to accept your cancellation request, an email will be sent from eBay asking you to confirm the cancellation. click on Answer now .

8. Confirm that you want to cancel the order.

On the next screen, make sure the button next to “I accept the seller’s request to cancel this transaction” is filled in (and click if it isn’t). (NOTE: Before doing this, please make sure you have not paid for the item already or have already received a refund confirmation from the seller. If not, you must contact the seller again and resolve the issue.)

Click in the “Give additional information to seller” box and, if you like, type in some latest comments, then click Send reply .

If you are having difficulty completing this process or your request is denied, you can always contact eBay customer service and they may be able to help you cancel your order. It is always a good idea to try to resolve issues directly with the seller first, as eBay will ask you if you have already done so.

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