How to cancel your Audible subscription

How to cancel your Audible subscription

If your idea of ​​a good read is to find the nearest cozy nook and wear headphones, you’re most likely familiar with Audible, Amazon’s subscription audiobook and podcast service.

Upon registration, Audible offers a free 30-day trial, in which you can freely explore the world of narrative storytelling. For the curious, it’s also worth mentioning that Audible provides free books for your listening pleasure.

But let’s be real: Sometimes our ambitious audiobook plans don’t go so well. And in the end, you may want to cancel your Audible subscription before the free trial is even over.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime listener who isn’t getting the most out of your subscription, canceling an Audible subscription is easy from the Audible desktop site.

An important note: the simply deleting the Audible app from your phone or tablet will not cancel your subscription. Likewise, unsubscribing is much easier from a computer, but you can complete the following steps from your phone or tablet, provided you’re using the device’s web browser.

Here are the steps to cancel an Audible subscription.

How to delete Audible

1. Go up and log in using your Amazon account information.

How to clear the audible account page

2 . Once logged in, hover over your personalized greeting and click “Account Details” from the drop-down menu.

How to clear the Audible account page

3. On your account page, find and click “Cancel subscription”. This will start the deletion process.

How to clear the Audible review page

4. The unsubscribe process includes some pages asking you to reconsider unsubscribing. Just follow the instructions and click “Continue Canceling”.

5. On the final screen, confirm the cancellation by clicking on the “Finish Cancellation” button.

audible cancel terminate cancellation

6. You will know that you are successful if you see a “We’re sorry to see you go” message at the top of your account details page. You will also receive an email informing you that your Audible subscription has been canceled.

Can an Audible subscription be put on hold?

If you just want to take a short break, Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus members have the option to put their account on hold.

Audible subscriptions can be suspended once every 12 months and for a maximum period of 3 months. Note that only Audible Premium Plus members can access their library during a suspension.

To put your account on hold, you will need to to contact Audible directly:

cancels the audio put on hold

1. Go to Audible’s Contact Us page

2. Click on “Subscription” and under “Tell me more”, choose “Change, Pause or Cancel subscription” from the drop-down menu.

3. Then choose your preferred communication method – chat, phone, or email – to chat with a customer service representative to review your account and review your plan options.

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