How to cancel your Vimeo subscription

How to cancel your Vimeo subscription

The Vimeo app is an online video streaming service that allows users to upload, host, share and watch their favorite video content. It offers videos for streaming in 1080 HD quality, and some of them can be streamed in 4K.

If you no longer use Vimeo or want to try another app, you must cancel your subscription before the renewal date. If not, you will be automatically billed even if you have uninstalled the app.

Steps to unsubscribe from Vimeo from a web browser

[1] Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

[2] Visit the Vimeo site and log in with your account credentials.

[3] Click My Profile icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

[4] Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

[5] Click on the option Billing from the menu list.

[6] Under the subscription plan, click Disable automatic renewal or slide the switch next to ” Automatic renewal activated “.

Cancel your Vimeo subscription from a web browser

[7] Select Turn off automatic renewal in the pop-up message to cancel your Vimeo subscription.

Turn off automatic renewal

[8] Now, select the reason for canceling your Vimeo subscription and select the button again Turn off automatic renewal to complete the process.

Turn off automatic renewal

Steps to cancel Vimeo subscription on Android

If you have subscribed to Vimeo via Google Play on your Android device, cancel your subscription with the following steps.

[1] Open the app Google Play Store on your Android device.

[2] Select the account that you used to sign up for Vimeo.

[3] Touch the Menu icon three lines at the top left of the screen.

[4] Click on Subscriptions in the left pane.


[5] Under Subscriptions, select the Vimeo subscription .

[6] Select the option Cancel subscription and click Confirmation to cancel your Vimeo subscription.

Steps to cancel subscription on iPhone / iPad

If you purchased Vimeo subscription via iTunes on iPhone / iPad, you can cancel it by following the steps below.

[1] Open the app Settings on your iPhone / iPad.

[2] Tap yours Apple ID up.

[3] Click on the menu Subscriptions .


[4] Under Subscriptions, choose Vimeo subscription from the list.

[5] To select Cancel subscription and click Confirmation to confirm the cancellation.

These are the essential steps to cancel your Vimeo membership at any time. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the cancellation process, please let us know in the comments section.

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